Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Democracy Lessons from Indonesia and Egypt

The DPR again won the title of the most corrupt institution. Latest survey Deeds Sarjadi Syndicate (SSS) calls this people's representative institution the most corrupt institution in Indonesia. Previous surveys also gave the same degree. This survey is actually just cementing the reality that has existed so far.
This is a recurring lesson from the democratic system. This corruption is a default disease of this dilapidated system. The bottom line is that the democratic system provides the position of human lust as a source of law. Human interests play. While in the capitalist system that deifies material, money becomes commander. The first and foremost precept in capitalism is almighty money. It is not surprising that the interests of capital owners are their gods.
An expensive democratic system also makes democratic political capital very high. Political capital from him or the owner of the capital that supports him must be returned as soon as possible. The shortcuts are corruption, manipulation, bribery, and collusion. Be a DPR for food for its members. The question is, with this most corrupt title, we still hope that the jahiliyan system will produce policies that will prosper the people?
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