Thursday, June 7, 2012

Explanation of the Factors of Difficulties in Military Intervention to Syria

Senior observer of Middle East issues, Mohammad Shadiq al-Huseini offended Russia and China to veto anti-Syrian resolutions at the UN Security Council and considered that military options against Syria were impossible to implement.

Western propaganda in Syria has failed in overthrowing the regime of Bashar al-Assad and they only have the option of strengthening the armed resistance front in Syria to disrupt the situation in the country. Even the West rolled out the "Kosovo Arab" program for Syria. In this program, the West sparked disputes between schools and ethnic Syrians.

The Middle East observer added that among Western sadistic plans is the terror of Palestinian muqawama leaders in Syria by Western-backed armed groups.

According to him when armed terrorist groups do not hesitate to slaughter small children, it is likely that in the next stage, they will attack Palestinian camps, pilgrimage sites, and even Syrian churches.

Al-Huseini assesses the aim of armed groups in Syria is to frighten citizens and spark a war against governments that support anti-Israeli muqawama, with Western support they are preparing military intervention against Syria.

Further mentioning the possibility of foreign military intervention in Syria, al-Huseini stressed, "Although this issue is heavily propagated by the West, I think military intervention in Syria means an explosion of war in all Arab and Islamic countries in the region."

The early seconds of the regional war that began with Syria began the countdown of the Zionist regime's existence, considering that the attacks on Syria would not have an impact on the country but would spread to the entire region, including the Zionist regime of Israel.

If the scenario of foreign military intervention into Syria is carried out, then regional nations will not remain silent in responding to the situation of Syria which has entered a new stage and it is certain that they will plunge into the arena to crush the main mastermind behind the intervention, the Zionist regime. And if this happens, then no party can control the situation.

Based on these reasons, military intervention in Syria is impossible if the disclosure by Western politicians and media is solely aimed at frightening the Syrian people so that they are intrigued against the Damascus government to prevent attacks.

On the other hand, Russia and China will not approve a resolution at the UN Security Council which opens up opportunities for military intervention in Syria. Especially Russia, which previously "missed" in the crisis in Libya. Because it is different from the conditions in Libya, all forms of attacks on Syria, will ignite the Third World War in a limited scope.

At the end of his statement, Huseini also warned that if the United States and Israel sought to break the front of the Muqawama by using sadistic methods, then there would be no doubt that all Muqawama groups, revolutionaries and even sympathizers in the region would move synergistically to tear apart the camp. - for US and Israeli intervention in the region.

The question is whether the United States and Israel are ready to risk all their influence in the region?

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

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