Thursday, June 7, 2012

Youth Troubled Easily Affected by Mental Disorders

Confusion, maybe you are familiar with these words. Trouble is slang to describe a condition in which a person feels depressed, sad, confused and usually occurs in adolescents who are going through a period of searching for identity. Although it does not rule out the possibility often experienced by adults.

Teenagers who are too often upset can get bipolar disorder. Bipolar is a mental disorder that occurs repeatedly in vulnerable long periods of time and lasts for a lifetime. This disorder is characterized by symptoms of changes in mood.

"Adolescents who are known to be experiencing troubled times are indeed very susceptible to depression," said Head of the Department of Psychiatry at RSCM, Dr. Ayu Agung Kusumawardhani, SpKJ (K). Agung said that when he was a speaker at a media seminar entitled 'Bipolar Disorder: Can Be Controlled', in Jakarta as reported Between.

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