Sunday, June 10, 2012

Opinion of Mayor of Tasikmalaya About the Regulation of Sharia Regulations

Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Syarif Hidayat open the voice regarding the confusion of Sharia Perda which is rumored to be implemented in the City of Tasikmalaya.

Suddenly it invited the pros and cons of the community including from the central government through the Minister of Home Affairs who stated the rejection of the Tasikmalaya City sharia law because it was considered to be against the principle of regional autonomy. Where issues of religion and defense and security are the authority of the central government.
"I have to correct it, first the regulation in question is not a Sharia Regional Regulation but Perda No. 12 concerning the Development of Values ​​of Community Life Based on the Teachings of Islam and the Social Norms of the Tasikmalaya City. 2009, "he said, met by reporters in his room after the inauguration of echelon 1 officials, 2,3,4 on Thursday (7/6), as reported by .

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