Sunday, June 3, 2012

Education to promote Islam in the US

Amid growing sentiment towards Muslims in America and their religion, a group fighting for educational outreach as a tool to promote the image of Islam emerged for young Americans.

"Our main goal is to educate our American friends," said Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, 36, director Gain Peace Project, an Islamic charity program in Chicago, to Medill Reports in an interview, as reported, Thursday 31 May."The aim is to educate people and show them the principles of peaceful Islam. This is an important part of building a peaceful society."

Ahmed said that Americans knew little about Islamic teachings, which caused many of them to discriminate against Muslims.

"I believe it is an unknown fear that produces violence, hatred and discrimination," he said.
"Many groups have been discriminated against throughout history, and we want to try and end it."

American Muslims, estimated at between six and eight million, have felt growing hostility in recent years.

"If students educate about Islam, we can hope for a clear solution to violence and other problems in society," Ahmed said.
"We also want to defend freedom of religion and help people to understand sharia," he said.
Lawmakers in more than 20 states have introduced proposals to ban local judges from considering referrals to sharia when giving verdicts on divorce and marital disputes.
"There are so many misconceptions about sharia born of fear. This campaign is against fear, no one should fear Islam," Ahmed said.

Gain Peace
is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to educate the general public about Islam and explain the many misunderstandings they have. With regard to this purpose, the organization is part of Islamic Circle of North America, has launched a toll-free telephone line for Americans to ask questions related to Islam, free requests for visits to mosques and Qur'an and Islamic literature.

MuslimDaily/The Truth Seeker Media

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