Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Research: 1.3 million US war veterans have no health insurance

WASHINGTON- According to the Department of Veterans Affairs - the United States military body responsible for gathering information about war veterans - that nearly 1.3 million war veterans have no health insurance.
The research used by the Utah-based Urban Institute uses data from veterans between the ages of 19 and 64, as reportedIslam Times.
Previously it was believed that US war veterans - compared to ordinary citizens - were more likely to have health insurance that gave them an average pension benefit. However, this study found that only 1 in 10 veterans who actually get health insurance raises various questions about the abilities of such institutions.
"They are not balancing the younger ones, and they seem to have served recently," said Genevieve Kenney, a senior member of the Urban Institute and also the author of this report.
Contrary to popular belief, it turns out that war veterans are not automatically registered with health insurance - even though they enjoy additional retirement benefits.
According to Jacob Gladd, the deputy director of the institution, that only those who suffered injuries during their duties, or those who had served for a certain period of time.
"We are worried about the other half, do they know if there are guarantees available to them," Gadd said.
In 2011, US veterans from the Iraq war expressed their disappointment with the US government. Because after returning from the battlefield they have no guarantee of life.
"Veterans are in crisis; increasing homelessness, unemployment, (no) care for physical injuries and mental injuries," said Bryan Reinholdt, a member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War, when interviewed.presstvin November last year.

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