Saturday, June 16, 2012

The application of Sharia and the Caliphate is the realization of "the blessing of the mercy of Allah the Almighty"

The Indonesian state at the opening of the Constitution stated that Indonesian independence was due to the blessing of Allah the Almighty. But we leave God in managing this life and still follow Dutch law. We expel the Dutch, but we still use the laws until now. The Criminal Code (KUHP), 80-90% is still inherited from the Netherlands, Civil Law, Commercial Law is still a Dutch heritage. Every August 17, we always commemorate independence, but consciously or unconsciously, we still use invaders in solving various problems that we face on a daily basis.

The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is a dynamic state, as in previous histories

And the We wandered among men (to their remembrance); [3: 140]

The Soviet Union was then uprooted, there used to be Western Rome and Eastern Rome, the Eastern Romans were upright, Islam was upright, Islam was uprooted again, that's history. I don't think Indonesia is an exception, meaning that if we are oriented towards goodness, when there is something better in front of us, then we will certainly hold something better.

This is not a betrayal. If someone says that we have achieved better then it is called betrayal of our Founding Fathers, this is a false statement. Nobody says this is a betrayal.

This is precisely the realization of the blessing of Allah Almighty. Thanks to the grace of Allah SWT we see that Indonesia will be better with Sharia and the Caliphate. Because with the Khilafah, Indonesia will become a very strong part of the Islamic state so that it is not easily harassed and colonized and carried out arbitrarily as it is today. Its natural resources are ruled out, its inhabitants are treated indecently like TKI and TKW in various parts of the world, it will all stop because we will host in our own country with Sharia and the Caliphate.

Various disintegration which became the irony in the democratic system as it is today, with Sharia and the Khilafah of the NKRI region will increasingly increase and not decrease. Insha Allah.

* Taken from the HTI Spokesperson's Answer at the Yogyakarta Community Leaders Conference at the Open Session

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