Friday, June 22, 2012

Bahrain Court Stops the Nine Mosque Development

Bahrain's Court of Appeals issued a decision to halt the construction of nine mosques in the country.

Al-Alam television reported Thursday that the construction of seven mosques in the al-Nuwaidrat area and two mosques in the Salamabad region were stopped by the government.

In the ruling it was stated that before obtaining a construction permit, the process of building the nine mosques had to be stopped.
Previously, the mayor's government in the region complained about the Jafari Waqf Department to court because it was considered building nine mosques on government land.

The seven mosques in the al-Nuwaidrat region consist of the Imam Jawad as Mosque, Imam Shadiq as, Imam Baqir as, Imam Hadi as, Salman Farsi, Abu Dzar, and al-Duwairah Mosque.

Abdullah al-Shamlawi, lawyer for the Jafari Waqf Department stated that it would sue the Supreme Court to review the decision of the Bahrain Appellate Court.

He added, the Supreme Court was also evaluating other cases related to the termination of reconstruction of mosques which had been destroyed in 2011.

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