Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Earnings of Ministry of Finance Officials Exceeds UK PM

Deputy Chairperson of the PAN DPP Drajad Wibowo revealed that the income of officials of the Ministry of Finance was first echelon, equal, even higher than the income of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron.
Drajad stated this was based on income data from first echelon officials at the Ministry of Finance.
"What is surprising, if averaged, the income of some of the first echelon officials of the Ministry of Finance is equal to or even greater than the income of British PM David Cameron," Drajad said on Monday (04/06/2012).

Drajad Wibowo added, as a realization of his campaign promises to cut his own salary by 5 percent, UK PM income was £ 142,000. With the middle Pound exchange rate currently around Rp. 14300 / pound, the UK only pays its PM around Rp. 2.03 billion per year.
Data of income of first echelon of Ministry of Finance officials, which he can cover the period 2006-2010. However, for 2009 and 2010 some of the data is still in error.

For the period 2006-2008, continued Drajad, if averaged, the income of echelon one officials whose names are mentioned in the data could reach Rp 2.23 billion a year. Compare that with the earnings of PM David Cameron.
"The above income includes salary and TKPKN (State Financial Development Special Allowance) from the Ministry of Finance, plus income as commissioners. Echelon 1 and 2 Ministry of Finance officials, some are placed as commissioners of BUMN Banks, ex-IBRA Banks where the state still has shares, and various BUMNs , "he said.

This state-owned enterprise, added Drajad, included state-owned companies that were losing money, in debt, or absorbing huge subsidies from the state. One of them is PLN. In other words, the income of the first echelon comes from state assets, whether separated or not. The state also pays taxes from the above income.
"Some taxes are paid by the Ministry of Finance, enter DTP (borne by the government) and or paid by SOEs. Even if there is self-paid tax, I am not sure if the amount is above 5 percent of the above income," he said.
For 2006, this income did not include TKPKN. TKPKN is an allowance related to bureaucratic reform, officially only granted in 2007. The amount is between Rp 2.09 million per month for Ministry of Finance civil servants with the lowest grade, up to Rp. 49.33 million per month for echelon one with the highest grade.

"In the DPR, TKPKN is not much different from the aspirations of DPR members who are rejected by the public. The difference is that the aspirations of DPR members must be shared with constituent communities, while TKPKN is 100 percent for the officials concerned," said Drajad Wibowo this political economy observer.

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