Sunday, June 10, 2012

Germany's role in spreading terror through Israeli hands

News of the purchase of submarines from Germany by Israel which, according to the plan, part of the price of the submarine will be borne by the Berlin government, received various reactions from various Western mass media.

Magazine site Speigel in this case writing that the Dolphin type submarine sold to Israel is capable of loading nuclear warheads, and to launch a nuclear warhead missile, the submarine also needs a special system that is very confidential.

Basler newspaper in the Swiss issue in this regard, the Israeli Minister of War, Ehud Barak, recently stated that the German nation must be proud of its recognition of Israel for years. On the other hand, the German government has now dismissed the issue that the submarine can be equipped with a nuclear explosive carrier and missile launching system.

The former deputy of the German Defense Ministry and also the head of weapons planning at the ministry stressed that Israel would not attempt to use the submarine to launch a nuclear warhead missile. But documents in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1961 showed that the German government at that time and until now knew the objectives of the Zionist government in this matter.

United Press
citing sources who declined to give his name stressed that new submarines sent by Germany to Israel could be equipped with nuclear warheads.

The submarine can be armed with cruise missiles with nuclear explosions that have a travel power of up to 1,500 kilometers. This gave Israel the ability to launch a second attack.

Up to now three units of submarines produced by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG (HDW) have been handed over to Israel and according to the plan three other units will be handed over to Israel until 2017. Based on the Haaretz newspaper report, an Israeli military delegation some time ago reviewed the company (HDW) is producing nuclear submarines for Tel Aviv orders.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that submarines supplied by Germany were very important in enhancing Israel's national security capabilities and at the same time showing Germany's commitment to Israeli security.

Netanyahu stressed the importance of Israel's ability to know how to defend itself against all forms of threats and said, "As Churchill said, 'Give us the tools, we will defend ourselves.'"

Netanyahu's expression that the submarine was used to deal with all threats according to observers was more appropriately changed to 'to spread threats.' Given the historical facts, it is proving that the bloodthirsty Zionist regime of occupation and war is the real threat to regional and global security. The submarine production and shipping agreement also shows Germany's great role in preserving terror and nuclear threats in the region through the Zionist regime.

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