Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cyber ​​War, New Imperialism Ala Washington

Recently leading US media reported cyber attack done by the US and Israel against Iran. New York Times Friday (1/6) revealed that President Barack Obama directly and secretly ordered a cyber attack using the Stuxnet computer virus against Iran to stifle the country's nuclear program.

The US daily confirmed that virus Stuxnet created with the help of the Israeli secret intelligence unit. Stuxnet, first identified by the Iranian government in June 2010. This virus is malware designed to infect computers using a control system used by industries that manage water, oil, and power generation supplies.

In July 2010, media reports said that Stuxnet was targeting the computer industry worldwide, and Iran was the main target of the attack. The media reported that the Bushehr nuclear power plant was at the center of a cyber attack. However, Iranian experts are able to detect viruses and prevent damage to the site of its nuclear industry.

Now the problem is increasingly complex. In addition to Stuxnet, the US together with Israel also launched another virus named Flame launched against Iran. Apparently, the virus spread throughout the world. The official of the Iranian Technology and Information Agency said that 30 countries including Australia, the Netherlands and Malaysia and various countries which had not cooperated with Iran, contacted the Iranian Cyber ​​Quarantine Center and asked for help along with devices to fight and remove the Flame virus. Esmail Radkani said that the virus could not be detected by 34 of the world's leading anti-viruses.

Now cyber war the US launched against Iran the impact began to spread to other countries. The losers are not only Iran, but the world countries. Until now international organizations such as the United Nations are only passively addressing the cyber war launched by Uncle Sam. Even though the destructive impact is so clear.

A superpower like the US uses high technology to hegemony the world for its ambitious interests to become a single ruler. After failing to monopolize nuclear technology, this time Washington launched a cyber war to perpetuate its new imperialism.

Really Ironis, when US defense minister, Leon Pannetta recently said, "Every act of attacking US industrial infrastructure in the cyber world means declaring war on Washington". But, at the same time the US itself attacks other countries by sending deadly viruses such as Stuxnet and Flame.

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