Sunday, June 24, 2012

IMF Commemoration to European Union and German Issues

Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Cristine LagardeOn Thursday (6/21) in a discussion asking heads of eurozone member countries to immediately help banks that were experiencing a crisis. They also have to facilitate the difficult conditions of economic tightening that have been set for countries that receive assistance. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany to this day rejects this attitude, even though her country is among those who have the economy
the strongest compared to other Eurozone member countries.

According to Lagarde, European conditions were very worrying. He said, "We are transparently witnessing increasing tension and pressure on banks in the euro zone."

The statement was made in conditions where Angela Merkel today (Friday, 22/6) visited Rome, the capital of Italy and met Mario Monti, the Italian Prime Minister and the heads of state of France and Spain to prepare a collective strategy to save the euro zone. But some political circles assess the visit to maintain the sustainability of the European Union.

In connection with this, the reports indicate unstable financial conditions in Europe, including Germany as the most economically strong country in the EU. Some German government opposition circles believe that Merkel has spent too much money to control the debts of eurozone member countries. Therefore, according to them, the steps taken by Merkel must be stopped. For this reason, the German high court called on the country's parliament to postpone voting regarding a budget discipline agreement.

The German high court also announced that it needed at least three more weeks to discuss the country's participation in budget discipline agreements and European financial rescue plans. A spokesman for the German Constitutional Court on Thursday (21/6) said the court had asked the president of the country to postpone the signing of a budget disciplinary agreement and a European financial rescue plan. According to him, the Constitutional Court saw that in the next three weeks they would be able to discuss again the possibility of legal problems related to these two issues.

This request was made when the German Left De Linke Party threatened to question the government legally, if these two major issues were signed by the German president. The German Parliament itself plans on June 29 to vote on the country's participation in budget discipline agreements and European financial rescue plans. To ratify this plan a two-thirds parliamentary vote is needed.

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