Monday, June 4, 2012

Need to Support Researchers Outside the Government

The development of local research with private support is still being reviewed by the Indonesian government.
"We think clearly, not then continue to form institutions. This is also not merely a matter of research funding," said Chairman of the AIPI Engineering Commission, Satriyo S. Brojonegoro on the sidelines National Science and Innovation Funding Workshop at Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday 29 May 2012.

Satriyo explained that the government is not likely that a unit or mechanism for managing independent research funds will be formed outside of government funding.
"It's possible, that form is sustainable," he added.
According to Satriyo, there are still more important things now. The need for additional mechanisms to support the research community outside the government needs to be considered.

The government currently prioritizes economic value research to improve the nation's competitiveness.

"Well, we use researchers outside the government for research outside the economy," he said.

Research Performance

The government has stressed that it is ready to accommodate researches that have performance for the development of the nation's economic competitiveness. Head of the Ministry of Finance's Fiscal Policy Agency, Bambang Permadi S. Brojonegoro, said that there was only a way to ensure that the research results had benefits for the development of the national economy.
"We are now based on performance, how research can convince, that it has benefits as a nation's competitiveness," he said.

Bambang also added that funding opportunities could take advantage of the 20 percent APBN portion for education.

"This quota is for the function of education in general, R & D is included," he said.
According to Bambang, there are still opportunities for research funds in Indonesia. But there are a prerequisite. Research must be able to generate benefits for the nation's economic competitiveness.
"Research needs to be partial. But, research also needs to contribute to the national economy," he said.

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