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‘Mamat Questions I Can't Answer, Especially Angels'

'I can't answer the Mamat question, especially the angels'

Once when I was heading to a grandfather's house for something, I found a valuable lesson.

Before I entered, a small child seemed to have just come home from the Koran to enter the same house. There was a grandfather staring blankly at the blue sky while sitting on his favorite old chair. The little boy greeted, then asked "Kong, Mamat wants to ask. Mr. Ustadz gave an assignment to do at home, which is to write 15 ikhfa letters." What are the letters, Kong? "

The grandfather was shocked by his grandson's question, silent a thousand languages.
"Let's answer Kong." Mamat urgent.
"Engkong don't know, Matt." Engkong answered, squeezing.
"I don't know why." Mamat was not sure about Engkong's statement.
"That's right, Mat. Engkong doesn't know, it's forgotten." Engkong answered with his rhetoric.
"Kong! Where's you when you were young? Where's the letter, I don't know?" Mamat was upset while running into the house.

My steps were restrained watching the dialogue scene, while silent and watching what happened next. Then the grandfather was seen covering his old face with two brown palms and a wrinkled line.

Then I went in and greeted Grandpa with greetings. He responded, greeted and allowed me to enter. I saw her eyes squeezing and tearing.
"Why, Kong?" I asked.
"Ah, nothing," he replied, calming himself down.
"Because of the Mamat question just now huh?" I asked back.
Grandpa was shocked while looking at my face.
"Right?" I'm sure.
"What's wrong with the question?" My curiosity grew stronger.

Is that simple question so heartbreaking?
Then Grandfather replied, "O young man, do not waste your youth. Because young age is only you experienced in your life. True, I cried because of Mamat, but that is not what makes these tears flow. My heart says, O Allah, I can't answer the Mamat question, especially when I was asked by angels when in the barzakh (grave) realm. "
Grandfather continued, "I am now 75 years old. But the old age was unable to answer the question of a runny boy. As if he would only live 3-5 years in the world."

I also cried, seeing the answer Grandpa regretted his life.
O friends, use youth before old age, because big notes are always present at a young age. The history of heroism was engraved at a young age. Old maturity is fertilized at a young age. Science and experience are collected at a young age. Validity and glory occur at a young age. Strength and courage are fused with the passion of young people. The beautiful story was built at a young age. The conquest of civilization was carried out by the youth. Those big dreams started from a young age.

O soul who is craving for glory at a young age, do great work in your youth, because it is the momentum of gold. Ideally the work is the thing that brings God's grace, bringing the Prophet's smile, being the pride of parents, families, husbands, wives, children and neighbors and the benefits of humanity.

The story above was told by Ustadz Reza Sulthan(IKADI West Jakarta Management).

Muhammad Sholich Mubarok, Jakarta

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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