Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Street battles continue to occur in the city of Homs

Violence continues to hit the restive city of Homs Syria and the country's army continues its efforts to eradicate armed gangs operating in the city.

According to a Press TV report Tuesday (26/6), the city of Homs currently resembles a ghost city with empty streets and secluded houses. Meanwhile the Joret al-Shayyah area close to the city witnesses violence, where armed groups are involved in fighting the street.

Based on the report, armed groups continue to increase their efforts to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad's government. They occupied the homes of civilians and turned them into a fighting base to fight Syrian forces.

Syria has been the scene of riots masterminded by the country's rebels since mid-March 2011. Many civilians have been victims of their crimes, including security forces.

Armed groups reportedly kidnapped dozens of civilians and made them human shields and launched attacks on the posts of Syrian security forces.

They received support from the United States and its regional allies including Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Many experts believe that these countries use all means to overthrow the Syrian government.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

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