Saturday, June 23, 2012

Petrus Reinhard Golose BNPT: Solo is a bag of terrorists

Director of Enforcement of the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) Pol Brigadier Petrus Reinhard Golose said, it detected Solo as one of the pockets of the terrorism network.

"Solo is one of 12 regions in Indonesia that were detected as a bag of terrorism networks," he said during the Preparedness Coordination Meeting and Handling of the Crisis in Counter-Terrorism at the Kopassus Solo Group 2 Headquarters on Thursday (6/21).

The coordination meeting opened by Petrus was followed by the ranks of the TNI or military and the Surakarta Police, as well as representatives from Densus 88 / Antiterrorism.

According to Petrus, law enforcement in the realization of counter-terrorism in Indonesia is related to the problem of the characteristics of terror organizations that implement the strategyasymmetrical warfare.
"This strategy has the character of the absence of a war zone or the terrorists have no control over a region, so acts of terror can occur anywhere or in areas that are not conflict," he said.

In addition, the terrorists then did not use uniforms so that they did not appear clear and easily detected regarding their existence and activities.

This, he said, has become one of the main problems and must be faced together, so that national preparedness is needed as a form of national security in tackling terrorism.

He explained, the existence of terrorism in Solo City last occurred when a bomb exploded at the Fully Gospel Bethel Church (GBIS) in Kepunton, Central Java.

The action occurred because of the affiliation and support between terror organizations in the city of Solo and the terrorist network in Cirebon.

He stressed that cooperation in overcoming the problem of terrorism has created synergy and harmonization between the National Police and the TNI. The coordination with the TNI is in accordance with Presidential Regulation Number 46 of 2010 which authorizes the BNPT to coordinate with various elements of the government, including the TNI and the community in counter-terrorism.

During the meeting, Kopassus stated its readiness to assist the National Police in overcoming the problem of terrorism.

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