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Egypt's Second Round Presidential Election and Threat to the People's Revolution

The vote count results in the Egyptian presidential election show candidates from the Islamic camp, Muhammad Mursi managed to excel from other rivals even though not with absolute numbers or above standards. But what is surprising is the escape

Ahmad Shafiq, the presidential candidate whose name had previously been crossed from the list of presidential candidates following a new law passed by parliament. The law prohibits former dictator Husni Mubarak's elements from being active in the country's political arena. But Shafiq was helped by the policies of the Egyptian General Election Commission which did not heed the parliamentary decision.

Now various concerns continue to emerge in Egypt regarding the future of the revolution in this country. Because the escape of Shafiq to the second round of the presidential election made Egypt's revolutionary people worried about their struggle so far. If Shafiq succeeded in winning the next round of the presidential election, the fate of the revolution in this country would be threatened.

Ahmad Hanafi, deputy candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian presidential election, Muhammad Mursi, said Ahmad Shafiq's escape to the second round of the presidential election made Egyptians increasingly worried about the future of the revolution in this country.

When interviewed by al-Alam, Ahmad Hanafi added, the escape of Ahmad Shafiq to the second round of the presidential election to compete with Muhammad Mursi was unexpected, because it was predicted that Mursi would compete with other revolutionary candidates.

"The majority of Egyptians are now very worried about the fate of their revolution and there is a possibility of a coup d'état, but thanks to the protection of Allah Swt this will not happen," said Ahmad Hanafi.

He added that the majority of those who did not participate in the first round of elections were determined to channel their votes in the second round to prevent Ahmad Shafiq's power and save their revolution.

Ahmad Hanafi stressed, around 65 percent of the citizens had cast their votes on candidates from the revolutionary camp, therefore the Egyptians would continue to support their revolution in the second round later.

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood had begun lobbying and talks with other candidates to unite them to face the regime's overturned elements. "Therefore we are optimistic that we will succeed in reaching an agreement with other revolutionary camps," said Ahmad Hanafi.

Called Christians Support Shafiq

Meanwhile, bishops and Church officials in Egypt are calling on Christians in this country to vote for Ahmad Shafiq. The Egyptian Church sent thousands of messages on the internet and SMS to the Christians of this country and invited them to vote for Ahmad Shafiq in the second round of the presidential election.

This report shows, the contents of the SMS and internet messages are as follows that choosing Ahmad Shafiq will save Egypt from Islamic rule. One of the Egyptian bishops acknowledged this and said Christians were very worried about the rise of the Islamic stronghold in the country, so they were more inclined to vote for candidates other than the Islamic camp.

The first round of the presidential election in Egypt was held May 23-24 and the unofficial results showed Muhammad Mursi, a candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood to excel.

Ahmad Shafiq, Egypt's former prime minister in the era of Hosni Mubarak after parliament released a law banning former regime elements from being overturned for political activity, he was finally dropped from the presidential election candidates, but the Egyptian Election Commission did not comply with laws passed by parliament and included names Ahmad Shafiq as a candidate.

A number of political activists and Egyptian presidential candidates demanded an investigation by the Supreme Court regarding election violations by Ahmad Shafiq.

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