Monday, June 25, 2012

Israeli Police Arrest 100 Opposition Activists

The Israeli Zionist Police arrested nearly 100 demonstrators in Tel Aviv when thousands of protesters in the city protested against social injustice and repressive police actions.

According to a Press TV report, more than 6500 people gathered in and around Habima Square, Tel Aviv, on Saturday night (23/6).

The action led to clashes between police and protesters who blocked the main road in the city center.
Demonstrators chanted Tel Aviv Ron Huldai's anti-mayor slogans and Prime Minister Zionist Regime Benjamin Netanyahu.

The demonstration was held a day after police arrested 12 activists as they tried to re-establish a camp in the Boulevard Rothschild, a center for mass camps supporting last year's anti-social injustice.

Dafni Leef is one of the detained officers. He was one of the leaders of the anti-injustice protest movement launched last summer.
Leef's lawyer said that during the arrest Dafni Leef was injured.
The opposition stated that the police acted repressively to prevent protests like last year, in which dozens of tents sprang up in the big cities of Israel.

In July 2011, Leef together with a group of teenagers, set up tents on a number of roads to demand social justice and protest the high cost of living in Israel.

The protest sparked the emergence of the anti-Tel Aviv regime movement, which hit Israel for several months.
The demonstration also rocked Netanyahu's cabinet.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

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