Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Israeli President: Zionist Will Be Successful

Image-6892On the opening remarks at the presidential technology conference in the capital city of Tel Aviv yesterday, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu declared Muslims difficult to create qualified technology. He also predicted that the Zionist government would succeed fully at the end of the century.

The Yedioth Ahronot daily reported on Friday (22/6), Netanyahu delivered the speech via videoconference because of a foot injury. After praising the technological development of the Jewish people, he suddenly judged the Arabs and the Muslim world as a whole had difficulty achieving progress like Israel. "The question is, when the world has moved as fast as this, can the Arab and Islamic world as a whole participate in this progress? I am quite doubtful," Netanyahu said.

The Peres Technology Conference is an event held by President Shimon Peres to discuss the latest findings from the interdisciplinary world of science. For three days, Israeli scientists were gathered to discuss challenges from the fields of technology, economics, health, to politics for the Zionist country.

At the opening of the event, Netanyahu emphasized the need for a proud Israeli nation because they were a country with the largest number of thinkers in the world. "We need to be sure to be a leader in the world of knowledge. Israel is the country with the largest number of per capita finding products in the world," said the former Israeli air force pilot.

Responding to the nuclear issues of Iran and North Korea, the prime minister of the Likud Party considered the militant movement a real threat. They are dangerous because they are stupid but feel strong by creating weapons of mass destruction.

At the end of his speech, he was convinced that militant groups, especially from the Muslim world, would be defeated by the combined forces of the world at the end of this century. "I believe that all nations at the end of the century will turn to democracy and liberal values," he said.

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