Monday, June 25, 2012

Turkish President: Maybe the F-4 Phantom Entered the Syrian Air Zone

President of Turkey Abdullah Gul said, fighter jets shot down by Syrian soldiers might have violated the country's air zone.

Press TV quoted Anatolia news agency as reporting that President Gul on Saturday (23/6) said Turkish fighter jets sometimes flew in and out of national borders.

The statement was released a day after the Damascus government confirmed that its military had shot the F-4 Phantom Turkish fighter jet while flying over territorial waters in Syria in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the Turkish President, the plane accidentally entered Syrian territory, but it was out of control because of the speed of the jettempur.

President Gul further stated that Ankara was in contact with Damascus officials regarding the incident, despite the fact that Turk attracted his diplomats from Syria in March.
"We are attracting our envoy from Syria because of security reasons. That does not mean that we do not have contact with Damascus," he said.

The Syrian military confirmed on Friday that the F-4 Phantom Turkish fighter plane had fallen in Syrian territorial waters, alongside the village of Om al-Tuyour in Lattakia province, and about 10 kilometers from the coast.

Earlier, the Turkish Military Central Command in a brief statement stated that the plane was lost from radar monitoring and radio contact was cut off over Mediterranean waters near the Syrian border.

The Phantom type F-4 aircraft flew from Erhac airport in Malatya province and was declared missing 28 minutes after takeoff.

The Turkish military did not provide details about the fighter jet mission, but state media reported that the plane was carrying out a reconnaissance flight.

It was also reported that two fighter jet pilots were rescued, but a number of other media said they were still missing.

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