Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Christian TV Program Program Has Been Abandoned by the Audience

HAPPY see the results of his research. Pendeta David Wright the owner of DoersTV — the Christian Tv network in England, found many of his congregations hated Christian TV programs and chose not to watch.

By using Facebook in his research, Wright said 90 percent of respondents gave negative feedback.
Comments in the response post indicate why people choose to turn off the television when Christian programs are aired, the answer is:

1. Too often asking for money and raising funds through telethon.
2. Manipulate people to give wrong teaching about prosperity.
3. Boring and lack of quality from program shows.
4. Lack of broadcasting on the integrity of Christian leaders.

"My hope is only that Christians think Christian television programs are too boring and irrelevant to the times, but I never imagined thousands of Christian hatred of Christian television programs," he
"Both people are fed up with lust for things that smell of matter."
Wright added that there was a lack of integrity among Christian pastors and leaders. So that there appears a negative perception of Christian television programs.

Finally, Wright said, his party decided to no longer make a program that contained asking for donations from viewers.

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