Saturday, June 23, 2012

Protest of Al Khalifa Regime, Doctor of Bahrain Hunger Strike

A Bahraini doctor went on a hunger strike in protest at a one-year prison sentence against him accused of helping anti-regime protesters Al Khalifa. "

Saeed al-Samaheeji, started a hunger strike on Thursday (21/6) to protest unilateral accusations against him, and other doctors who were convicted for similar reasons.

The 58-year-old man was one of nine medical professionals sentenced to prison last week.

"We are doctors, not criminals, and we are trying to save the lives of others, ... However we are not guilty," he told reporters.

International human rights groups condemned the verdict imposed by the Bahraini court on the doctors. Samaheeji hopes his hunger strike will attract international attention to the fate of doctors who are punished for their humanitarian actions.

Manama claimed the doctors helped last year's protesters try to overthrow the Al Khalifa regime.

Meanwhile, the doctors believed that they were only carrying out their professional duties to help victims of Bahraini people who were injured during the protests resulting from the crackdown on Manama security forces supported by the Saudi army.
Bahraini authorities arrested thousands of demonstrators, activists, politicians and medical officers who took part in anti-regime protests in the Arab country.
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