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Have a lover? Just break it up!

Waduuuh, the theme of courtship was raised again, discussed again, and was again explored. Some of you might find it trivial, you know, it's not very important. But, in reality there are many teenagers who have not yet reached out. It was proven that the questions sent via SMS to the editor, on average 7 out of 10 SMS contents were about asking for relationships between boys and girls. The term now is dating. Not to mention if the crew reads live on the Radio MARS 106 FM Bogor in the rubric "TAMAN CURHAT REMAJA"which was held every Thursday at 8:15 a.m. and sent via audio streaming at:, the question was dominated by" courtship ".

Hmm ... finally we realize that there are also many teenagers who don't know that dating is forbidden in Islam, many teenagers equate the term ta'aruf with dating. The goal is to be called Islamic. Oops, that's wrong Bro en Sis. It's just as wrong when you say that a veil is a headscarf. That big mistake. Mah veil head cover and hair-also must cover the chest and back, in Arabic called khimar. If the hijab is a long, thick, loose outer garment from the shoulders to cover the ankles.

It's kind of like that if people say now. Tuh, it's really different, right? If you still say that the hijab is a veil, it might be laughed at by Arabs (who understand Arabic of course. Because, there are also those who are born and raised in Arabic but don't understand Arabic, namely Camels. Hehehe ... * doesn't connect right, bro!)

Okay, about the headscarves we discuss at other times (or you can search on with the keyword (hijab), God willing, you will find previous edition of Gaulislam articles that discuss the hijab. The importance of the discussion in this article is simply to compare that there are teenagers who mistakenly understand that ta'aruf is the same as dating, which means it is wrong to understand that the headscarf is a veil. Ok? Hope you understand. If so, we continue directly to the point of discussion.

Dating is delicious?

If the word devil could indeed be the answer. Really Bro Bro Sis, God willing, blessed by Allah SWT. If anyone says that immorality is delicious, it means that it has been tempted to persuade the devil. Yes iyalah, the time is the dating that is categorized as immoral is actually said to be a favor? Rasulullah saw. I have warned by saying: "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not have a khalwat with a woman who is not accompanied by his mahram, for the third one is the devil." (HR Ahmad)

Tuh, if you look at the 'biography', the devil (the preacher of the demons) is really evil and can harm humans (including misleading people from the path of Islamic truth). Allah Swt .berfirman (which means),The devil said: "Respite me until the time of their resurrection." He said: "You are of those who are respited." The devil replied: "Because Thou hast judged me astray, I will certainly drive them out of thy Straight path, then I will come upon them from face and behind them, from the right and from their left. will find most of them grateful (obedient), "(QS al-A'raaf [7]: 14-17)

Allah Swt. also said (which means): The devil said: "O my Lord, because You have decided that I am going astray, I will make them look good on the face of the earth, and I will lead them astray all except Your worshipable servants among them, "(QS al-Hijr [15]: 39-40)

Hmm ... it's clear that the behavior and the heresy of the devil described in the hadith and the Koran above. So, do not approach the devil, do not do the deeds that Satan really likes. Dating, is one of them. Because, starting from courtship many people get lost and lose. Beware!

Bro en Sis is a loyal reader of Gaulislam, one time in an interview for training participants' recruitment in an institution, I and my fellow teachers faced many children, of course with many different types of characters. Well, because they are of average productive age, which is between 17 and 30 years, and incidentally those interviewed in the first session ranged in age from 17-22 years, then the questions they were asked (other than technical and academic matters) were about dating . That's where their answers are almost uniform - having a boyfriend. This means that this phenomenon is common among teenagers. Without getting information from interviews like before, there are far more in the field. So much. Try it on the road, on public transportation, at school, and even in Islamic boarding schools. Danger!

One interesting session is to face a child who is rather slengean. Already his hair style is like Bob Marley (because doi still claims to like reggae music), also this child is inconsistent. He knows that if you don't pray sin, but he can't resist feeling lazy and reluctant. He said he wanted to trim his hair if his girlfriend recovered from a disease that at that time lasted for six months healed until he vowed to cut his hair. However, when his girlfriend recovered, he claimed to be confused about cutting hair. He said. Yeah, piye iki? Just fulfilling the request of his girlfriend can't even fulfill God's commands. Danger. But I still wish you soon to realize, Bro! After being conscious? Come on, join the ranks of Islamic fighters to uphold His Shari'a on this earth. Insha Allah. Passion, Bro!

What do you get from this story? It turned out that the persuasion of the devil was so awesome. That is why, if you want to escape from the influence of Satan, make Satan an enemy, not as a friend. If you are a friend, you will always be in Satan's control. Don't arrive at that. Allah SWT. say (which means): "Surely the shetan is an enemy to you, so make it an enemy (you), because in fact the demons only invite their group so that they become the inhabitants of the blazing fire,"(Fathir [35]: 6)

"Ana, Ente. Khatam!"

If you are diligent enough to pay attention to the writings on the 'butt' the truck will giggle laughing to itself. What's not, funny and intriguing. Well, there is one that connects with this discussion: "Breaking up ordinary love, breaking cigarettes languishing, breaking up the brakes, die us!" Hehehe ... I underline the "break up". Yes, dating is identical to expressing love. So that there are people who break up with their girlfriends called being broken up or broken hearted. But it turns out that breaking up with a certain person is normal. But for things related to life and death, they don't play games. For example, "brake".

Now, what if we replace the writing just like that: "Break up ordinary love, drop out of school miserable, break up of faith, misguide us" Hehehe .. warned me. Because, the faith must be above all else. So, if you are now asked to break up your girlfriend, you should be ready. Because, boyfriend is not too important for your life than faith that must be embedded in your heart and mind. Agree?

"Ouch, I really have a lot of dozen of him. After all, he really loves me," maybe this is one of the reasons you don't have the heart to break your girlfriend. Already! God is really swt. don't love you? Even though you have been allowed to live in this world and enjoy the various fortunes given by Allah, even though you may often reject His commands and even violate His prohibitions. The proof is you are dating. Even though the courtship included approaching adultery which was forbidden by Allah. as in His word (which means): "And do not come near to adultery, for it is an abomination and an evil way." (QS al-Israa '[17]: 32)

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah, let's choose to obey Allah or obey your girlfriend? It feels like you already know the answer. If you obey Allah Ta'ala, from now on, prepare to break your girlfriend. Just say "Ana, you, Khatam!" (hehehe .. the general problem is this: "Elo, me. End!" while pointing his hand at him and his girlfriend and then ending with a hand crossed to the neck).

Duh, how do you do it, huh? Huh, don't have to pretend to be confused. Because, you also have become accustomed to a relationship with God when you violate His commands. Is not it? Not a mistake, just remember. Because, you and your girlfriend just want to do it right? Remembering your girlfriend, you are not willing to have something bad about your boyfriend. Hmm ... but it's your turn to violate the prohibition of Allah SWT. cool your heart. Catch hot stoves when you are forbidden from going out. Even though those who keep in mind and forbid courtship only come to Islamic law. Tul, no? Come to think of it, lest you are closer to Satan than Allah SWT. Beware because Allah SWT. already said (which means): "Whoever turns away from the remembrance of the Most Gracious (al-Quran), then We will bring him Satan (who is misleading), then Satan is the one who always accompanies him. And indeed the demons really prevent them from walking the right one and they think that they got a clue, "(QS az-Zukhruf [43]: 36-37)

Bro en Sis is a loyal reader of gaulislam, let's fix ourselves. Dating is not an Islamic teaching. Even if now many Muslims do it, even some of them are missionary activists, surely they are being negligent and must be reminded. Because, courtship is only done by people who have already been persuaded by the devil. The end can be misleading and far from the teachings of Islam. In short, if you have a boyfriend, just break up now. Weight? Hmm ... be careful, that's the sign that you still don't have strong faith. May we all be made as believers and always obey Allah. Dating? No way! Whatever the shape is!

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