Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Secret Behind the Meeting of the King of Bahrain and Prince Walid bin Talal

Meeting of the King of Bahrain, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa Tuesday (29/5) with Prince Walid bin Talal from Saudi Arabia, on the outside, the emphasis was on the merging of the two countries, but actually contained another intention, namely to perpetuate the power of al-Saud and al-Khalifa.

Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa during a meeting with Walid bin Talal, Saudi Prince in Bahrain Palace, stressed that Bahrain and Saudi are one country and cannot be separated. He added, the relationship between history and brotherhood between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia has existed in all sectors. Furthermore, the King of Bahrain said, Manama emphasized strengthening this relationship and expanding it to safeguard the interests of both parties.

During the meeting, Sheikh Hamad also gave an award to Prince Walid bin Talal as a sign of gratitude for his efforts and cooperation. Since more than a year ago, the Bahraini people have risen to oppose the oppression and discrimination of the Al Khalifa regime. Bahraini security forces assisted by the Saudi military have carried out brutal crackdowns on peaceful demonstrators and until now hundreds of people have been killed and injured.

Lately, Saudi Arabia has launched a new conspiracy to unite Saudi and Bahrain. But the plan received widespread opposition from the people of Bahrain and received a cold reception from member countries of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (P-GCC).

Collaboration between the two countries in quelling the peaceful demonstrations in Manama and the broad violations of human rights that they have been working on in the past few months have made the relationship between Manama and Riyadh increasingly tight. Al-Saud along with al-Khalifa sparked the idea of ​​merging Bahrain with Saudi Arabia if the people's demonstration continued. This idea not only reaped widespread opposition within Bahrain, but members of the P-GCC themselves also responded coldly.

Despite reaping widespread opposition from the people and the cold attitude of fellow P-GCC members, al-Khalifa and al-Saud continued the strategy of increasing bilateral relations outside, but in truth they were trying to prevent the victory of the oppressed Manama people who opposed their rulers.

The important point here is the closeness of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia not only triggered by diplomatic and friendly relations, but more driven by family relations.

It was clear that the efforts of these two countries had only been aimed at strengthening each other's power and the people again became victims of their ambitions.

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