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Grace: If the Caliphate is Upright, the 2012 State Budget Can Surplus IDR 451 T

If khilafah applied, the Indonesian National Budget (APBN) can have a surplus of IDR 451 trillion. This was stated by the Chairman of the Central Board of Governors (DPP) of Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) Dr. Muhammad Rahmat Kurnia MSi at the Conference of Community Leaders on Sunday (06/10/2012) in Pekanbaru. 2012 experienced a deficit of 190.1 trillion.

For more, he presents data on revenues in the APBN-P worth Rp. 1,358.2 trillion with the largest source of tax Rp1,012 trillion (74.5%), while state expenditure Rp1,548.3 trillion.
Meanwhile, he continued, in the Khilafah State Budget, the prediction of state revenues was Rp. 1,999 trillion. While state expenditure is equated with the APBN-P Rp. 1,548.3 trillion.

He added, the estimation of the Khilafah state budget came from the public ownership portion which was entirely controlled by the state such as oil
Rp. 288.7 trillion, gas Rp. 331.1 trillion, coal Rp. 236.5 trillion, gold and other metal minerals Rp. 70 trillion, BUMN marine Rp. 73 trillion and forest products Rp. 1,000 trillion.
The acceptance of the caliphate state budget can be even greater if all elements of income are included such as sadaqah, kharaj, fa'i and others according to syara 'provisions.
'So the khilafah system is more prosperous (than the capitalist system, red), "he said. In Islam the regulation of acceptance and expenditure of the state is controlled through Baitul Maal.

Themed conference "The Best Khilafah Model of a Welfare Country"It was also a speaker Founder Dinar Coach International Samsul Arifin and Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Islamic University of Riau Drs Abrar MSi, Ak.
While Samsul Arifin explained that strategic natural resources that are the livelihood of many people are public property. It is forbidden to give it to the private sector or even foreigners.

According to him, the state only has management rights rather than mastering and the benefits of natural resource management are returned to its owner, the people, both directly and indirectly. He added that the accountability of natural resource management in Islam would only be realized perfectly if followed by the application of Islam in totality in the frame of Islamic caliphate. He argued that the true owner of the property in this world is Allah SWT, while humans have ownership rights over permission from Allah SWT to be managed in accordance with the provisions of the Shari'ah of Allah.

Meanwhile Abrar, through his paper entitled Error Model of Capitalism in the Management of Natural Resources (SDA) and Energy, explained the capitalist system causing the control of natural resources in Indonesia to be controlled by the private sector. He said that 88.8% of oil and gas mining was controlled by foreigners, gold and copper were controlled by PT. Freeport and PT. Newmont. While coal and the exploitation of forest products are almost all controlled by foreign and national private sector.
From the control, the government only received royalties from gold and mining at 3.75 percent, coal 13.5 percent. Never mind getting a small royalty, cost recovery the government must pay Rp345.9 trillion. Abrar stressed, the impact of that was the lack of government revenue from SDA.
"In the 2012 State Budget, almost 80 percent of the country's expenditure is financed by taxes which clearly will add to the burden of the people," he said.

The presentation of the three speakers boils down to the same conclusion, to change the situation so that it should return to the Islamic system. It was also conveyed by the Sumatra Region DPP Coordinator, Dede Tisna K Saputra in his political speech at the end of the conference by saying, "Regarding the dilapidation of the capitalism system that is applied, for Muslims it is not difficult to find a replacement, because the substitute is the solution, not even very close, namely Islam, "said Dede.

Similarly, the cultural creature of Riau UU Hamidy who was invited to testify in the Malay culture that said syara ', syara' related to the book of Allah, the management of natural resources is governed by a system that benefits the people. He pointed out, formerly indigenous people could fulfill their living needs from nature.

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