Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hundreds of United States Pastors Denied Christian Faith

HOUSTON AS - The American Church is rocked by denial of faith. More than 200 church leaders across the country in the United States have stated that they do not believe in God, discard the Christian faith and do not want to read the Bible again. Some of them announced to the public, but some chose to keep it a secret so they could serve the church, even though they no longer believed in what they preached.

Mike Aus, pastor in the Houston area, became the pastor who first announced his decision to the public.

The pastor at Theophilus Church in Katy announced his decision to become an atheist on a television program Sunday morning on MSNBC.

...Hardly anyone reads the Bible. If they did, the whole thing would be in trouble...

"Hardly anyone reads the Bible. If they did, the whole thing would be in trouble," Reverend said in the 'Up with Chris Hayes' program, one of the MNSBC programs. (Almost no one reads the Bible. If they read it, then everything will be in trouble).

The churches in Theophilus Church itself, to Local 2, claimed that they knew nothing about the change in Aus beliefs until he announced it himself through the television broadcast.

"Are you going to preach next Sunday?" asked Chris Hayes, the guide.

"I will be back next week and meet with my boss to discuss how next. We'll see," said Aus.

... Almost no one reads the Bible. If they read it, then everything will be in trouble ...

Aus was a Lutheran minister who had preached in the church for almost 20 years. Now, he just said that he no longer believed in the messages he had preached. He also rejected the request for an interview from Local 2. According to him, he had lost his faith.

"When I started throwing away my faith, I realized lately that there wasn't much I had to leave behind," said Aus.

The impact of the Aus statement is felt by the church which has around 80 members. A week after the announcement, the church was dissolved. The congregation did not want to talk again with Local 2, but they said that their pastor had destroyed them.

"When a pastor appeared and said, 'I am no longer a believer,' then it will shake their world. The church sees the pastor as a spiritual superhero," said Dr. Keith Jenkins, a Methodist minister, former president of the Houston Graduate School of Theology.

According to Jenkins, many church leaders are asking questions and then losing their faith, but never before that which later became a common phenomenon.

Pastors, ministers and church leaders who no longer believe in God have formed secret meeting groups through the site. According to them, the number of existing members has reached 240 people. Some of them, such as Aus, have publicly publicized their decisions. Meanwhile, in general they choose to keep it a secret.

Those who choose to keep their decisions secret, continue to actively serve the churches and service institutions, even though they no longer believe in what they preach.

"I am sure, there are many pastors who are actively serving in the churches, but are experiencing a crisis of faith and even loss
their faith, but they have not come out to think of their lives, "Jenkins said.

"They must immediately make a decision. They don't need to stay in the church then use their position as pastors and try to influence others."

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