Monday, June 4, 2012

Ravi Desai: Electric cars will be sold in August

"We are making a solution for the government. Subsidies make people lazy," said one of the "Four sons of lightning", Ravi Desai. "Empat Putra Petir" is a nickname for the four appointed local entrepreneurs BUMN Minister Dahlan Iskan developing electric cars.

Approval President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the development of a national electric car was obtained during a meeting in Yogyakarta last week. The initiator, Dahlan Iskan continued to oversee this project until it materialized.

As a long-term solution, Ravi assessed that electric car developers cannot depend on government support alone. Whoever runs the government after 2014, electric cars must continue to advance in the automotive market.
"I do not agree to ask for incentives. We want to provide solutions, do not want to complicate the government," said the man who graduated from a university in India.

Although there are no investors, Ravi has no problem having to issue capital for electric cars from internal cash. Currently, Ravi's focus is to develop the product first.

"If you can export 50 units it can also be an investment," Ravi said.
Men who have businesses in the renewable energy sector are sure of the bright future of electric cars. This is triggered by the price of energy sources that have never experienced a decline. Energy prices will be increasingly expensive and subsidies will continue to swell.

Electric cars offer an alternative when the surge in fuel prices gets worse. Ravi didn't have a big ambition either. For the start, only 1 percent of market absorption is good. In fact, the 0.2 percent profit is quite large.

Ravi does not only focus on the national market. A plan to export to Thailand has been prepared. Ravi prepares component assembly plants in Batam to facilitate export routes to all parts of Asia.

Entrepreneurs who also prepare electric motorbikes will push prices below the Rp. 85 million range so that marketing is absorbed well. National electric cars are planned for trial in July. Ravi believes that in August it is ready for sale.

"I want the price to be standard at the moment launching later. Not price prototype only, "said Ravi.
Ravi was no problem competing with the other three Lightning Men. According to him, this competition will trigger more competitive strategies and innovations.

This AC / DC Drive expert assessed that the obstacles that could block the electric car were fuel subsidies from the government. To advance electric cars, it is better for the government to increase fuel prices. Coordination must also be carried out so as not to cause problems.

The budget for subsidies can be diverted to areas that are more in need, such as infrastructure and education.
"It's better to be difficult now for a better future," said the owner PT. Green Energy Continent this.

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