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Rest for a moment, Lighten the Soul with a Prophetic Cinder

Worship sessions in the study are still ongoing. Some veiled Muslim women were seen joking, their laughter broke several times. It seems like the topic they are talking about is really funny. Fun was seen on their faces. However, suddenly there came a mother who seemed to be more senior approaching some of the Muslim women, with a "rather scary" face she rebuked, "Hey, don't joke around. Laughter removes pride and narrows your heart!" Cash the Muslim women fell silent.

Too much laughter can eliminate the dignity and dignity and narrow the heart, indeed one of the contents of the letter Umar bin Abdul Aziz to Adi bin Arta'ah. However, life as a devout Muslim trying to uphold His commands is not an easy life. Various obstacles, tests, difficulties and even bitterness often come and are tiring. Therefore, every human being definitely needs time to take a break. Just to let go of fatigue so that the body becomes agile again and so that the soul does not become shaken due to the burden that is too heavy.

This is the need for jest and take a break. The Prophet Muhammad also taught us to be gentle towards the soul. That is, do not force something too heavy to exceed the limits of the soul. The soul also needs a break in the form of a happy atmosphere. Among the joyful atmosphere that was created by jokes and laughter.

Spread Empathy
If only the mother wanted to know for a moment what was happening behind the jokes, surely she would be a person who was wiser in her attitude. One of the joking Muslim women was a reporter who had just returned home after staying up late in the office chasing deadline. He hasn't even slept since the day before. Another person is a Muslim woman who is truly afflicted with grief because she is no longer able to continue her studies due to costs. And now, he is on leave from college and working odd jobs, in order to be able to collect back the tuition. They, along with several other people, gathered together in the event to be able to meet, share stories, and take the burden off a little.

It would be better if every Muslim could address the problem with sensitivity to others and not quickly blame something that might be "a little out of the right". So that the soul does not become stiff and the heart then hardens as a rock. Because indeed the Prophet Muhammad taught us to empathize and be sweet to you.
"Try to make happiness (the people or people you go to) and don't make them avoid. Likewise try to make it easier and don't make it difficult."(HR. Ahmad)

So the friends always face and speak with a smile while delivering something to others. The wife of Abu Darda 'ra said, "Whenever Abu Darda' delivered something, she gave her a smile so I said to her, 'I'm afraid people will think you're insane.' However, he then replied, '
Every time the Messenger of Allah convey a word so he always smiled.'"(HR. Ahmad)

Therefore, allow our brothers and sisters even ourselves to take a break for a moment. Rest. With a little joke and a joke that refreshes the soul. However, joking and laughing, it must still be like the Prophet Muhammad who laughed but never reached his tongue.

In accordance with the Guidelines
Hound in balance - in which never humiliates others in contempt. Hypnosis that does not force itself to lie, does not humiliate older people, nor is it done to people who are hostile to us. Because, canda to the enemy, according to the experts of wisdom will only open the gap of our weaknesses to them.

This is where our self-esteem is required to be people who are still in good faith but also disciplined in applying the guidance of Islam. So, we can wisely weigh and know the degree of attitude we should be. Therefore, when Ibn Umar was asked, did the companions of Rasulullah SAW laugh? Ibn Umar, "Yes, they laughed but faith in their hearts like a mountain." Also said Bilal bin Sa'ad, "They are hard at achieving their goals, but they laugh each other and come night, they become worshipers."

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