Friday, June 15, 2012

Teenagers in the Two Poles

The many teenagers of our age who have minimal understanding of Islam, who then meet the invasion of western culture that offers freedom, makes us finally become doubtful about where we should put ourselves. When the two extreme poles pass, we then inevitably have to choose in determining the attitudes and continuation of our lives on one side that is interesting in our hearts.

Just say February is synonymous with the month of love of teenagers. Yups, that's how much the West Pole sounds. Freedom to express love which then justifies the existence of "something more relationship" as a follow-up, then attracts many of us who are still unstable to then try it. As if not only had it become customary but the month of love, was sacred to be a "religion" that must be worshiped and adhered to, and if it did not, it would be a sin.

Whereas it is not uncommon for many people to juxtapose and compare these habits with eastern ways which are considered less fun. And then Islamic rules, namely marriage or ta'aruf, were violated, again in the name of restraint, full of rules, and old-fashioned.

Even though Islam comes precisely to glorify us. In addition, Islam comes to elevate our rank so that it is not the same as animals. The thoughts and concepts most of which are offered by the neighboring poles, are mostly just to distance us from the glory, and the brightness of the future. Just an example of freedom of association. The effect is not trivial, in fact the "results" in fact have been many, may not count anymore. just look at your left and right, many of them adheres to the freedom of life stream which then falls into abortionists, drug addicts, unclear life, heavy smokers, etc., etc. We really are neglected, until we really fall and in a very low state. And unfortunately, the closing of all that was just finished with the word sorry.

That's not how much, just look at how many younger siblings, brothers, or friends are stripped of their clothes. And the funny thing is not someone else who does it, but themselves, and the thought patterns of those who have been poisoned in the name of freedom that move the hands and hearts of the girls themselves. the funny thing is, parents who see it all support and compete to make their children the "prettiest" and the "sexiest".

Friend, it's time we cut off all the low thoughts planned by the enemy of Islam. Do not let this be an inherited sin, which is because you do not want to know and are too busy with your worldly affairs, later when you have become parents, the same thoughts will be inherited to your children. It is time for you to get up and firmly, choose at the pole where you should be, and spend the rest of your life just this one time.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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