Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Muslim Teenagers, Rise Up!

Seeing the phenomena that exist among us today, it is inappropriate or not in our opinion, if anyone asks a question "There is hope for the glory of Islam, while the reality of some of the younger generation is now infected with viruses of modernity, and unlimited freedom, which is in stretchers by the enemies of Islam? "

Indeed, we must not despair, hope that it will always be there. Therefore, don't delay that hope for too long. We young people must make improvements as soon as possible, because we cannot turn a blind eye, if our generation is actually very colonized and far behind today. The life of secularism offered by the western world is realized or not has brought us a sad reality. Moral damage, promiscuity, drugs, brawls, are really very sad to see it.

The modernity they offer is mostly nothing but to blind us from the concept of Islamic glory. Just count yourself, how very little young people of our age who understand or want to understand about Islam in truth. The "Drugs" they offer are not only making us jazzed on the body, but have even succeeded in making ourselves hate Islam.

May be, it's the easiest way for them to wash their hands, it is also important to break down, just by treating their worldly pleasures, many of us are flocking in, and then they will be their most obedient soldiers. As a result, the brain wash has succeeded in making us turn around, not only feeling alien but even hostile to Islam, we forget about our purpose in life, and we even forget who our god is.

Just look at the facts in the field. Based on the results of the National Commission on Child Protection in 33 provinces, junior high school students who are no longer virgin are 62.7 percent and teenagers who have abortions reach 21.2 percent. And about Narcotics, a survey conducted by the National Narcotics Agency ( The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) is very sad, it turns out that 97% of drug users existed during 2005, 28% of the perpetrators were adolescents aged 17-24 years.

Friend, that's only two cases, about sex free and drugs, and not including the others. So, it's time now that we rise and wake up from the apparent "dreams" that the enemies of Islam are awakening.
It is time for us to realize that what they build in our thinking, idealism, and lifestyle, is nothing but the way they undermine our own happiness. That's why it's not surprising that finally they themselves look more advanced than us. they give "sleeping pills" that make us fall asleep, while they themselves activate themselves to progress. Whereas we are only at the same point, and haven't moved yet, because it's too long to fall asleep. and the problem, with all these problems, turns out that instead of hurrying, we enjoy it endlessly, until our young time is up, and the result is only regret that we get. When the heart is about to move forward, everything is too late. Then do we still have to postpone all this until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? O Muslim Teenagers, rise up !!

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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