Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review of the First Edition of the 'Oase Tauhid' Magazine

National Islamic print media stretched again, there was already an Islamic magazine that took the name "Oase Tauhid' carrying the tagline "Clear, Smart, Firm", according to his statement, the magazine was directed to be a clear magazine in initiating, intelligent in reviewing and resolute in peeling.

In terms of the appearance of the cover in bright red, I got an aura that adequately represented the philosophy of the magazine, as part of an effort to participate in purifying the aqeedah of the ummah and placing itself as an oasis in the dryness of the monotheism which was swept away in the centuries.

With content and rubrics that are quite weighty and brave, enough to treat eye disorders of the illustration images is less clear, blur and the quality of the photo resolution is low. But apart from that all there is one rubric that has disturbed me until now, namely the Discourse rubric.

There is a title there. Can Muslims demonstrate? a title that is very intriguing to read, but after reading it thoroughly we don't find a clear conclusion from the editor of which opinion is the most powerful to follow. Minimal editors can signal to the reader which opinion is right, so that it is not only a discourse without a solution.

Oh yes, one more, after I searched the telephone number to subscribe to this magazine there was none. There is only a telephone number for the advertisement section. For ordinary people like me who want to subscribe it is very difficult. I can't meet face to face with the agents and retailers of this magazine every month. If there is a telephone number for the marketing department and agents in each region, it can be quite helpful for the convenience of getting this magazine. Moreover, this magazine is aimed at most Islamic communities who are thirsty for religious knowledge, especially tawhid.

Maybe for friends who are still confused about how to get this magazine, I recommend looking at the website And I highly recommend this magazine to be owned by every Muslim and become a must read in Islamic family homes.

Happy reading!


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