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Ribath of Mothers, An Important Key to the Quality of Cadre regeneration in the Family

In the Qur'aan, the ribath means preparing itself in the defense of Islam, as the word of Allah says, "O you who believe, be patient and strengthen your patience and persevere (at your border) and fear Allah so that you will prosper . " (QS Ali Imraan: 200). In this verse, Allah deals with the word "ribath" with the nature of shabar and mushabaroh. Without patience and strengthening the message (mushabaroh), the ribath will fail. Patience is refraining from something that is undesirable because of the hope of Allah's pleasure. Meanwhile, mushabaroh means mutual interaction between the two parties or superior to the enemy in patience.

We have been surrounded, the enemy has entered all the joints of the life of Muslims, from waking up to going to sleep again, from when we open the door until when we are in the house. No one can claim that it is in the environment that is the most Islamic, only because there are many sisters from a young age until their parents wear a veil, or in their neighborhood they still have a holiday on Friday. Or because the city got the nickname of the city of santri. Or again because there are many people in the city who have 30 juz. In fact we are still enslaved by television shows. I congratulate those of you who can leave TV. But that is not enough. There are many more things that have haunted us that have taken root and exploited us.

Parenting from the parents will shape the character of the child, so if he is an adult it will be like what is the result of nurturing parents from an early age. Beware before we get entangled and trapped in their siege, which causes the more enjoyable we live together with conspiracies that we do not realize, the further it will be difficult for us to get out, because slowly our brains are controlled by them.

Look at the cartoon images of our children's clothes, children's cartoon films that dwarf the faith, advertisements that teach consumerism, glamorous lifestyles, gossip shows from morning to night, music shows that have kept us from reading the Qur'an 's, soap opera shows that teach a wife to disobey her husband, fight each other and fight. Moreover, most Indonesian films are mystical films, such as pocong, kuntilanak etc. Here, too, faith is not a measure of one's value, but the fame and success that becomes a barometer of a person is worthy of respect or not.

In terms of food, instant culture has mushroomed here, we want it to be instantaneous so it doesn't bother. Efficient time and energy is the reason for most urban communities who are indeed busy and in a hurry. Like ready-made porridge, instant noodles, sofdrink, to the kitchen spices, all kinds are diamonds, no need to bother to knead chillies, onions and so on, all are ready to use, until the meat is ready to eat. As a result, we overdo it in consuming substances that can damage our brain such as MSG, aspartame, saccharin nitrosamine which functions as a distinctive aroma such as sausages, cheese, corned beef. Formalin, and methanil yellow are textile dyes that are often used in chiki-chiki. arrived at drugs that were supposed to heal but instead caused more dangerous diseases than previous diseases. Plus immunization that is mobilized by the government which is required for the community is actually the most powerful killer for our body's damage.

Also see all our household products from bath soap, toothpaste, shampoo, detergent, are all labeled halal from MUI?

As a mother, it is we who are responsible for everything that enters our children and our husbands, become a critical mother, not only careful in saving but careful in choosing products for family needs, critical in choosing snacks for children, or better start learning to make the child's favorite cake, to be healthier. There is no need to complain a lot of tired cooking, but smile your tiredness is the reward field before Allah and before your family is their shield. So calm the heart of the family from eating unlawful food, because they have a mother who is intelligent in determining what they can consume and what they may not consume.

Likewise for children. Be strict to reject the presence of television in the house, instead of buying children with the various games they like. The game that trains the brain of course, is not a game that actually defeats the brain. Or if there is a computer at home, take the children occasionally to explore the virtual world to see the world, there is anything in this world, what knowledge can be learned. we can introduce children to oppressed Islamic countries to create their love for Islam and their brothers and sisters. The beauty of Islam, the hafizd and the hafdizah so that they are passionate about memorizing the Koran, even though we may occasionally invite them to watch cartoons but choose Islamic films.

Embed early on the limits of male genitalia and female genitals. Because once we open the door, not necessarily our neighbors are all veiled, there must be some passing with visible calves or even tempting thighs, teach them to bow their eyes. Equip them with gentle language and affection, because far outside the home there the use of coarse language has become a trend, even some parents do not even consciously deliberately let their toddlers speak harshly and yell to adults, they are as proud of their child quickly mimicking the scenes of the Deawasa, especially if their children are good at singing and dancing like artists who often appear on television, they are proud because their children memorized all the pop songs from a band grub. Keep them away from our children, educate our children to grow up with the Koran, not with music.

There is nothing wrong with us as a mother taking herbal courses and training, such as cupping, acupuncture and whatever. So that if there is a family that is sick it doesn't have to always go to the doctor. It is enough for us to become pediatricians and husbands. Choose herbal medicines that are halal and thoyyib as long as there are only herbal words. Because now that herbs are on the rise, many synthetic medicines also use the word herbal. Choose what really comes from nature.

Hopefully if our entire family has been spared from various products that are unclean, it will bring us closer to Allah and open the door of blessing in any direction. Hopefully with our intelligence we educate children and keep them away from un-Islamic spectacles that make their hearts clean without stains that can bring the light of truth from Allah SWT.

All of this is not a coincidence or just entertainment and part of their business, but deeper than that, this is a form of fooling Muslims so that they are accustomed to unclean food, drugs that are haram and become addictive so that we are drug dependent and all the shows that they created to entertain were not to eliminate our fatigue but to dislodge us from remembering Allah, creating a mellow person not a spirit burner.

This is a mother, she has a job that is no less important than a husband. The ribath is in his house to keep the faith of all the members of his family.

By: Iqtina KhansaThe author is a member of the Department of Women's Empowerment Ghurabaa (Militant Tawheed)

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