Monday, June 4, 2012

Thousands of Turkish Muslims Demonstrate Demands for Hagia Shopia Functioning as Mosques

TURKEY - Thousands of Turkish Muslims last weekend gathered for prayer together outside the mosque Hagia Sophia (Arabic, آيا صوفيا - Red) is now a museum, to protest the law of 1934 which prohibits worship in this historic building.
"Destroy the chain, open the Hagia Sophia Mosque", and "Allahu Akbar", the pilgrims were chanting in front of the mosque, according to OnIslam with reference to Reuters.

Hagia Sophia, the first Christian church, later became a mosque for more than 500 years after the conquest of Constantinople by troops Sultan Muhammad Fatih. However, the Hagia Sophia Mosque was closed by the At-Turk regime, which was secular, and forbade Muslims to pray at the mosque, and its status changed to a museum.

The church was converted into a mosque in 1453. In the 16th century, Ottoman architects (Turkish Ustmasni-Red) conducted extensive restoration and renovation work on the mosque, and completed the construction of the tower.

However, in 1934, the Turkish Kemalist parliament passed a bill to ban religious worship activities in historic mosques.

"Keeping the Hagia Sophia closed is a humiliation for our 75 million Muslim majority, it symbolizes our bad behavior with the West", Salih Turhan, head of the Anatolian Youth Association, who organized the event, told the crowd.

The government rejected the demands of Christian and Muslim leaders to allow religious activities at the Hagia Sophia.

Protests were held at the mosque on the night of the 559th anniversary of the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Muhammad Fatih.

"As grandchildren of the Conqueror Muhammad, we are trying to reopen Hagia Sophia as a mosque," said Salih Turhan.

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