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The spirit of a heathen

As for a disbelieving slave, when death is coming to him in the Hereafter, then descends upon him the angels of the black sky whose face. They carry rough cloth.

Then the angels sat around him as far as the eye looked. Then come The Reaper; he sat near the head of the man and he said, "O poor soul, go forth to the wrath of God and his wrath!"

Then the soul of the person was divorced in his body, then deprived by the Angel of Death as pulling out a stab meat made of iron, which was removed from a wet lamb. Then his soul was taken. After being taken by the Angel of Death, the other angels did not allow the spirit to be in the hands of the Angel of Death even a second eye, until they put it on the rough cloth. Then the rottenness of the dead is worse than the dead on the face of the earth.

Then the angels took him up. Whenever they passed a group of angels, they were asked, "Who is this rotten soul?" So the spirit bearers of the spirit replied, "Rul Fulan bin Fulan," with his last nickname in the world.

They ask that the heavens door be opened to the soul of the infidels. but not opened. Then God said, "Write his charity record Sijjin! On the bottom of the earth. "So the soul of the man was thrown with a single throw.

Then he was restored to his body and two angels came to him.

The angels then set them up and say, "Who is your Lord?"

He replied, "Hah ... hah ... I don't know."
The two angels asked again, "What is your religion?"
"Hah ... hah ... I don't know," he replied.
"Who is the man sent to you? Ask the two angels.
"Hah ... hah ... I don't know," he replied again.
Suddenly there was a cry from the sky, "My servant has been lying, spread the expanse of the fire for him and open for him a door to hell!"

Then came a hot wind that blew from hell, and his tomb was narrowed until his ribs were scattered.

Then came to him a bad man, dressed in ugly, and stinky. The man said, "Rejoice with all that troubles you, this is the day that is promised to you."

Then the corpse of the infidels asked the bad man, "Who are you? Your face is a caring face that brings evil."

The man replied, "I am your bad deed."
The corpses of the infidels say, "My Lord, do not bring the Day of Judgment." (Al-Jawabul Al-Kafi)


The wisdom behind this story:
  • There is grave punishment and the presence of the grave.
  • The grave grave and the grave favors are experienced by the soul and the body of the dead.
  • Believers die easily. Unbelievers die in difficult and painful ways.
  • The sky consists of seven layers, and each layer has a door guarded by angels.
  • God is in the sky.
  • Angels are very numerous; only God knows the exact number.
  • The Death Angel is in charge of taking life.
  • There are two angels in charge of asking three things in the grave, namely Angel Al-Munkar and Angel An-Nakir.
  • In the grave, believers will be accompanied by good deeds in the form of a man who has a handsome face, good clothes, and good smell.
  • The disbelievers in the grave will be accompanied by the ugly deeds of bad men, dressed in ugly, and smelly.

Source: Selected Stories for 4th-Series Muslim Children, the work of Umma Usamah 'Aliyyah, Ummu Mu'adz Rofi'ah, et al. May 2007. Darul Ilmi Publisher, Yogyakarta.

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