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Ruh Seorang Mukmin

One time, Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam tells of the soul of the believers who will die and the soul of the infidels who will die.

If a believer dies, the angels descend from heaven to him with a shroud from heaven and bring fragrance from heaven. Then the angels sat around the believers who would have died.

The angels sat around the believer throughout the eyes (from the many angels). Afterwards, the Angel of Death came by the believer's head. The Angel of Death said, "O calm soul, go out to the forgiveness of Allah and His good pleasure."

Thus, the believer's soul comes out of his body as a drop of water from the lips of the water.
Then the Angel of Death took it. If the Angel of Death had taken his soul then the other angels did not allow the soul to be in the hands of the Angel of Death even a moment until they took it.

Then they put it in the shroud and the fragrance. The spirit came out with fragrant scents like the most scented oils on the face of the earth. They carry him up. Whenever they passed the angels, they were asked, "Who is this good spirit?"

The angel who brought the spirit responded, "This is the spirit of Fulan bin Fulan," with his best nickname in the world.

Until they reach the sky. They asked that the door of the heavens be opened, then opened for them then accompanied by angels from all corners of the heavens to the next sky, until finally to the seventh heaven.

Then God 'Azza wa Jalla said, "Write down my servant's charity in You're sickand return him to earth; for verily I created them (men) from the earth (earth), I will give him back, and from there I will take them out at another time. "
Then the soul of the person is restored to his body (on earth). Then came to him two angels.

The two angels set him up and say, "Who is your Lord?"

The man replied, "My Lord is God"Azza wa Jalla."
The two angels asked again, "What is your religion?"
"My religion is Islam," he replied.
"Who is the man sent to you?" asked the two angels again.
"He is Muhammad's Messenger shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, "he replied.
The two angels said, "How do you know?"
"I read the book of God 'Azza wa Jalla then I believe in it and justify it, "he replied.

Then came the cry from above the heavens, "My servant is righteous, therefore spread out for him an expanse from heaven, put on him a garment from heaven, and open a door to heaven for him."

Then the winds of heaven and the scent of his smell were blown away, and his graves were wide open. Then he was approached by a handsome man whose face, fine clothes, and fragrant smell. The man said, "Rejoice with all that is pleasing to you, this is the day that was promised to you."

Then the corpse of the believer said, "Who are you? Your face is a face that comes with virtue."

"I am your good deed."
Then the corpse said, "O my Lord, come sooner to the Day of Judgment ... O my Lord, come soon to the Day of Judgment, that I may return to my house and my property." (Al-Jawabul Al-Kafi)


The wisdom behind this story:

  • There is grave punishment and the presence of the grave.
  • The grave grave and the grave favors are experienced by the soul and the body of the dead.
  • Believers die easily. Unbelievers die in difficult and painful ways.
  • Heaven consists of seven layers; each layer has a door guarded by angels.
  • God is in the sky.
  • Angels are very numerous; only God knows the exact number.
  • The Death Angel is in charge of taking life.
  • There are two angels in charge of asking three things in the grave, namely Angel Al-Munkar and Angel An-Nakir.
  • In the grave, the believers will be accompanied by the charity shalihnya in the form of a handsome man face, nice clothes, and smelly smell.
  • The unbelievers in the grave will be accompanied by a bad deed of bad men, dressed ugly, and smelly.

Source: Selected Stories for 4th-Series Muslim Children, the work of Umma Usamah 'Aliyyah, Ummu Mu'adz Rofi'ah, et al. May 2007. Darul Ilmi Publisher, Yogyakarta.

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