Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indian Halal Hospital Wants To Win The Health Tourism Market

Hoping to increase income from health tourism from Muslim countries, Global Health City  Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, eastern India, has obtained a halal certificate for hospital services to ensure Muslim patients get the quality of halal services offered to them, the site Two Circles report, as reported by, Monday 4 June.

"With around two billion Muslims worldwide and a large number of international health tourists coming to Global Health City from Islamic countries, we see Halal Certification as a form of agreement that increases our patient's trust and confidence in our reach from hospital services, "said Dr. K. Ravindranath, Chairman & MD from Global Hospitals Group.
"To get certification, Global Health City must meet strict Islamic guidelines relating to hygiene regulations and food standards globally."

Global Health City, Chennai is a hospital with 500 special facilities for tertiary care, with a capacity of up to 1000 rooms. Being a world-class hospital, Global Health City has assured patients of the standard of service offered to them. Received halal certification for hospital services with Indian Halal labels, an independent Halal certification body registered with the Indian government. This certificate is recognized by IHIA (International Halal Integrity Alliance, Malaysia); partners of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

In the certification, food services and health services including medicines and other treatments must be in the halal category, said Muhammad Norman, operational GM. Noman added that hospitals follow Malaysian standards in halal slaughter.

"We conduct audits and ensure that meat suppliers must follow guidelines based on Malaysian Standards," he said.
"Butchers must also obey Muslims and undergo one day of Indian Halal training and get a name and certification."

Promising market

Being the first hospital in India to obtain halal certification, the hospital manager said that this new market was the first step.
"This market is still immature in India unlike other countries like Malaysia, Singapore," Norman added.
"We need to educate Muslims to look for Halal Certified drugs in the future (many capsules in India are made with gluten (either pork or beef)."

Mohamed Jinna, CEO, Halal India, agrees. However, he stressed that they had the opportunity to lead the halal medical market in India.

"We have a great heritage in service and hospitality in India which also signifies that we can take care of patients," Jinna said.
"The technology available in medical care is very suitable for foreign patients. All we need to do is understand culture and customs so that we can accommodate them well and make them feel truly at home. In this way we can respect values and trust and at the same time fulfill a niche market in India, "he further added.

There are around 160 million Muslims out of the 1.1 billion population of India, the third population
The biggest Muslim in the world after residents of Indonesia and Pakistan.

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