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When the Haram is the choice

Fighting with more numbers of people in time, presents them with various trials in life. One of them is about earning a living.
"Just looking for the forbidden is difficult, let alone looking for the lawful" so many people are almost desperate to fulfill their stomach needs. Yes, indeed that is the reality that we can meet around us today.

Many people turn upside down to work and collect treasures for a bite of rice, and not infrequently, mistakes are made in that step. Intellect no longer cared and the heart no longer rebelled, even though they had to take and get ill-gotten food that was very prohibited by Allah.

But how pity a man chooses the haram to be their raw material. Should not they be confused, because no matter how much illegal property it is, it will not benefit them, but it will be very detrimental to their lives.

Confused? Yes, when we eat the illegal property, then because of the food, our prayers can not be accepted by God. Ibn Abbas said that Sa'ad bin Abi Waqash said to the Prophet, "O Messenger of Allah, pray for me to be the one whom Allah has given his prayers." What is the answer of Rasulullah SAW, "O Sa'ad fix your food (eat the food that is lawful) you will surely be the one who always answered his prayer and for my soul that is in his hands, if there is someone who puts food illegally into his stomach, it will not be accepted for 40 days and a slave whose flesh grows from deceit and usury, then hell is better for him. " (HR At-Thabrani)

Prayer is our weapon. When reality has cornered us to the most difficult reality, then there is no other way for us to complain except to Allah. Then if with illicit assets that have already flowed into the blood of our bodies, our prayers will be rejected, then where else should we share, when humans no longer can lift our difficulties?

Or when the illicit treasure has become part of our body it will prevent us from reaching heaven. Like the words of the Prophet Muhammad, "Surely it does not enter the heaven of flesh and blood that grows from something that is forbidden, but hell has more right for him.

Isn't everyone going to die, and surely everyone hopes that the estuary from that death, is to get heaven as a place to live forever ?. Then why do you have to "slit your own neck" by turning off our chance to get heaven because of something that is forbidden?

When illegal property has become part of us, then our practice is not acceptable. The Messenger of Allah said, "Know that illegal bribe if you enter into the stomach of one of you, then the practice is not accepted for 40 days." (HR At-Thabrani).

It is useless for us if we live without God's grace. And when the food becomes a barrier accepting our practice by God, then there is a meaning for us to be a worthy person ?. And how much more will it be if tomorrow, God wants us to die, in our charity that is rejected by the food we eat?

And when the illegitimate treasure has become our choice, then our silence will also be useless. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "Whoever enters the property of sin, then he with him bersilaturahim (connect brotherhood) or give alms, or spend (infaq) in Allah's way, then Allah gather it all, then throw him into hell. said, "Ideally your religion is al-wara '(cautious)." (HR Abu Daud).

And the illegal property will also make our prayer and charity useless. Hear what the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, "Whoever buys clothes with a price of ten dirhams among them is money illegally, then Allah will not receive his prayer during the wear." (HR Ahmad)

"Whoever collects illegitimate treasure, then surrenders it, there is no reward, and sin for it." (HR Ibn Huzaimah)
Then, where else should we put it down and what should be the ill-gotten property or food?

My beloved brother ...

Sometimes for us, that life is about a choice, choose about the halal or the forbidden. But know that freedom of choice between halal and haram is not available. The proof is when God sees us choosing the lawful, then God will glorify and when we choose the unclean, then God will humble ... so what? so that we choose the lawful. Then there is no other choice for us except just choosing the lawful.

Because God always wants us to be good servants and always in goodness.

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