Saturday, 09 June 2012

Israeli Sabotage; Palestinian Children Become Victims!

YERUSSALEM really colonized! Israel's policy and discrimination to the Palestinian population in the Al-Quds region, Jerusalem, brought the economy of the holy city towards destruction, with children being the biggest victims.

"66.8% of Palestinian families in Jerusalem, compared to 22.3% of Jewish families living below the poverty line," according to a Palestinian rights group report.
"Most residents of Jerusalem cannot even afford to buy basic necessities," he added.

And the worst impact is felt by children.

"More than 74% of children in Jerusalem are affected by mass poverty."
The humanitarian group said that these effects have continued to deteriorate since the Israeli offensive in Jerusalem, not to mention a number of schools that were destroyed forcing children to get proper education.

The humanitarian group also stated, there were not a few reports of acts of discrimination and racism carried out by Jewish residents against Palestinians, reflecting violence against the human rights of Palestinian children.

"The life of Palestinian residents can be said as a life that is in the circle of torture, discrimination and poverty."
Unlike a few decades ago, Jerusalem was a wet land for the economy and culture in the West Bank.

And according to humanitarian groups, the current discriminatory actions that afflict the Palestinian population continue to accompany them wherever they go.

"Since 1967, the Israeli government has stopped funding for the development of Jerusalem, a very important fund to meet basic needs and community service."
And as a result, the Palestinian population suffered both physical and mental suffering, not to mention the situation of their children who continued to deteriorate.

A Jewish group stated that their goal of carrying out all acts of discrimination was to ensure the security of Jewish community groups in Jerusalem and gradually remove the Palestinian population from the holy city.

Islampos/The Truth Seeker Media

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