Friday, June 8, 2012

"Palestinian Freedom" Writing Contest Prizes to the Al Aqsa Mosque

JAKARTA - Committee International Conference for The Freedom of Al-Quds and Palestine (ICFQP) in collaboration with Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) Jaya Jakarta, held an Article Writing Contest with the theme "Welcoming Palestine Independence" with a sub-theme: The fate of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Zionist Occupation of Palestine, and Spirit of the Asian African Congress 1955

Contest participants include: General, Students, Journalists to students (high school / equivalent). The free writing title matches the theme. Written writing is the original writing of the work itself, not copy (paste), and not the results of plagiarism.

For the General category, Journalists and Students, the article was published in the mass media (print, radio, television) in the June 2012 edition. Attach copies of writing in mass media or radio / television broadcasts. As for the student category, writing is preferred to have been published in the mass media (print or online / web or blog). Attach a copy of the writing in the mass media and mention the address of the website / blog.

Other competition provisions are that each participant may send more than one writing title. Posts that can be included in the contest are all forms of writing other than Straight News. Can be in the form of travel reports, depth reporting, news analysis, features, columns and opinions.

Posts sent are not included in other contests. Writing characters, 1-5 spaces, A-4, Times New Roman 12, 4-4-3-3 cm margins, at least 5 pages. Attach the author's brief biodata, full address, telephone number and e-mail address.

All articles will be published at after the selection stage by the committee and the jury. The jury is comprised of clerical figures, expert craftsmen, Islamic movement activists, and senior journalists. The jury's decision is absolute and can not be tampered with.

Champion writing competition will be announced at the event International Conference for The Freedom of Al-Quds and Palestine (ICFQP) God willing, it will be held at Savoy Homann Hotel, Jl. Asia Afrika Bandung, July 4-5 2012. The committee will contact nominees to attend the prize presentation at the conference. The committee will provide accommodation and consumption for nominees for two conference days in Bandung.

The winners of the Contest will be given prizes for the following categories:

1) The Best Article with the Grand Prize: Umrah Package plus Pilgrimage to the Aqsa Mosque, and Rp. 5 million, certificates and trophies.

For General / Journalist / Student Categories:
First Place (IDR 5 million in cash), Second Place (IDR 4 million), Third Place (IDR 3 million).

As for students (high school / equivalent): 1st place (IDR 3 million in cash), 2nd place (IDR 2 million), 3rd place winner (IDR 1 million). Each gets a charter and a trophy.

The written text was sent to the Committee for Writing Articles "Welcoming the Independence of Palestine" by email: [email protected], no later than June 30, 2012.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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