Friday, June 8, 2012

Most of the US Marine Fleet Will Be Transferred to Asia Pacific

United States of America will deploy most of its fleet to the region Asia Pacific until the end of 2020, as part of a new military strategy to increase American military presence in Asia. This was stated by the United States Defense Ministry.

Speaking at the annual security conference in Singapore on Saturday (2/6), US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated that the Pentagon would deploy six of its aircraft carriers as well as most cruisers, destroyers and submarines, as well as its littoral combat ships, to the Asian region The Pacific until 2020.

The United States Department of Defense will also place its latest submarines and fighter jets equipped with new electronic warfare capabilities and communication systems to the region.

While emphasizing that this process will take several years, Panetta also stressed that the Washington budget problem would not affect the country's new military strategy.
"These concepts will take many years, and we are making various investments to realize them fully," Panetta said.
"But no doubt, through a solid, planned and sustainable way, the United States military is returning to balance and improve its capabilities in this vital region," he added.

This action is expected to increase tension with China following the change in the focus of the United States to the Asia Pacific region judged as Washington's efforts to prevent China from joining international forces.

Beijing has expressed its dissatisfaction with the increasing presence of the United States in the Asia Pacific region. In early January, Chinese state media warned Washington that it was "relaxing muscles" and stated that all forms of American militarism in the region would threaten peace.

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