Saturday, 09 June 2012

A Mahar Mulia

Every woman must have a beautiful dream for her married life. and when the gate of the wedding is in sight, there will also be many things prepared. One of them is about dowry the woman will receive from their future husband.

We have heard a lot, about the reality circulating on the outside, about the large number of dowry requests from the prospective wife. As if pictured that marriage is very expensive and difficult to do.

Dear Blessed sister ...

Have you come to us about the story of Rumaisha 'Ummu Sulaim bint Malhan bin Khalid bin Zaid bin Haram bin Jundub bin Amir bin Ghanam bin Adi bin Najar Al-Anshariyah Al-Khazrajiyah, or known as Ummu Sulaim?

He is one of the strong and faithful Muslims of Islam. He has inscribed his heart to Islam, and is stronger than his attachment to the pleasures of the world.

Even by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. He was among the first converts of Islam from the Anshar who had tested his faith and his consistency in Islam.

Abu Thalhah, a disbeliever, but very attracted to him, because Patience and perseverance faced trials. Furthermore, Abu Thalhah also applied for him with a high dowry offer.
However, Umm Sulaim expressed his disinterest in all the world's treasures.

He said, "For God's sake, someone like you is not worthy of being rejected, it's just that you are an infidel, whereas I am a Muslim so it is not lawful to marry you. If you want to convert to Islam then that is a dowry for me and I don't ask apart from that. (Narrated by An-Nasa'i).

Finally married Umm Sulaim with Abu Talha with a very noble dowry, namely Islam.

This story demonstrates how the glory of Umm Sulaim which makes faith and Islam a higher position than just a worldly demand for her husband.

Even the Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said, "I have never heard of a woman whose noble value is from Umm Sulaim because the dowry is Islam. " (Hr. Nasa'i).

Subhan Allah....

Dear blessed sister, indeed dowry is the gift given by the husband to us as a wife for marriage.

But it would be nice if it did not burden and increase his burden as our husband.

Did not the Messenger of Allah 'alaihi wa sallam have also forbidden us to be expensive in dowry? His word "Among the goodness of a woman is to facilitate her dowry and to facilitate her womb." (HR Ahmad) and "The biggest weddings of his blessing are the simplest of his deeds." (Narrated by Abu Dawud)

Hopefully the noble woman's story above can be a role model for us all and straighten our views that might be wrong in interpreting dowry. And hopefully Ummul Sulaim the noble woman, motivates us to learn to be more consistent with our Islam.

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