Monday, June 11, 2012

At least 100 Extremists Support Breivik Terrorists

At least one hundred right-wing extremists support Anders Behring Breivik in a brutal terror attack last July, said the leader of the British Defense League, a similar branch organization in Norway, to the Oslo court on Tuesday.
A former leader of the organization, Ronny Alte, said: "I know there are many people out there who have views like Breivik and support their actions." He added, "What I know, maybe a hundred people support it."
Alte's statement raised concerns among European security agencies over the possibility of a similar attack inspired by the massacre of weapons and bombs by Breivik in July, along with the accompanying manifesto.
But the statement will also help the murderer's lawyer that the defendant's anti-Islamic ideology is also shared by others, and does not reflect his delusional understanding of reality.
Alte stressed that most members of the Norwegian Defense League and Britain rejected acts of terrorist violence as committed by Breivik.
"Most were opposed to his actions. However, some supported the manifesto, some supported the bombing at the Oslo Ministry, while others supported the attack."
After Alte's testimony, Breivik told the court that a series of his childhood experiences had shaped his attitude towards Muslims. Breivik also said
his concern about increasing immigration of Muslims to Norway.
Breivik's close friends told the court last month that they did not remember any meeting with Muslims who had mobilized Breivik as described in his manifesto sent on the day of the attack.
Breivik claimed to have killed eight people by detonating a bomb at a government settlement in Moscow, then killing 69 more people in a shooting at a youth camp on Utoya Island.
But he claimed that the attack was "necessary" to remind Norway of the threats caused by immigration of Muslims.
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