Sunday, June 24, 2012

Christian Historian: The Shroud of Jesus Turns Fake!

Church historian Antonio Lombatti explained that the shroud of Turin, which claimed the shroud that Jesus used was not the original shroud or asphalt. Based on research carried out by this historian, the shroud circulated in the Middle Ages. But most of it has been destroyed.

The shroud of Turin was only one of the 40 findings referred to as Jesus' burial cloth. The Catholic Church itself has never claimed and said that the shroud was genuine. And this has long been a debate among historians.

According to Lombatti, the Turin shroud appears to have originated from Turkey around 1,300 years after the crucifixion of Jesus. This cloth shows pictures of bearded men who are considered similar to Jesus. This fake cloth was honored for centuries as the burial cloth of Christ.

This scientist from the Università Popolare cites 19th-century French historians. The historian has examined ancient medieval documents that can still be maintained.

"The Turin Shroud is only one of many shrouds circulating in the Christian world during the Middle Ages. There are at least 40 findings," said the researcher from Parma, Italy.

"Most were destroyed during the French Revolution. There were those who showed pictures of Jesus, had traces of blood droplets, and others were just white cloths," he added.Daily Mail,as followedViva news.

This Turin shroud is made of linen with a square size of 14x14 feet. The front and back showed a picture of a bearded man lying naked after being tortured.

Details of fabric drawings have been revealed using negative photographs at the end of the 19th century. Since then, the Turin fabric attracted people's attention to visit the Baptist Cathedral of John in Turin.

Lombatti said this shroud was probably given to a French knight, Geoffroy de Charny, as a reminder of the Crusade to Smyrna, Turkey in 1346. The de Charny family was listed as the first owner of this shroud. Lombatti's research was published this month in the scientific journal Medievali Study.

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