Thursday, June 21, 2012

A number of schools in the UK have banned pork products

LONDON -A number of schools in the UK have decided to ban pork, or products derived from pork, from food served to students, for cultural and religious reasons. The decision eliminates traditional sausages and ham (usually salted pork thigh meat) from children's lunches.
Haringey, an area in north London has advised all schools in the area to ban all pig products to meet the needs of staff and students who are prohibited from consuming pork or derivative products for religious reasons, according to reportsDaily Telegraph.
This new decision was issued by the Haringey Board which prohibits pork from the food provided by schools, and most parents do not mind it.
But the decision did not specify how many portions of pork products the school had to withdraw, which were not eaten by devout Muslims or orthodox Jews.
Pabulum, a school catering in southeast England, said that around 20 of the 48 primary schools only chose non-pork lunch menus for students,
Most only accept meat that is halal (for Muslims) or Kosher (for Jews), because of the many Muslim and Jewish students.
In Luton, 23 of 57 schools had dinner contracts from local authorities which contained the policy of 'no pork'.
While in Bradford 24 of 160 schools, in Newham 25 of 75 schools, in Tower Hamlets 85 out of 90, babies in Haringey, SD and SMP 37 of 47 schools did not serve pork.
Principal Nicy Godetz of Cypress Middle School in Croydon in South London, announced this month that his school chose to serve pork-free food, due to requests from a number of parents.
But the new guideline was criticized by Conservative parliament Philip Davies, who described the prohibition of pork for all students in schools as 'false misguided politics'.
"This is a kind of improper misguided politics that builds hatred, and I really hope that these schools will change their attitudes and allow students to be more free," he said.

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