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School of Babies vs. Mother Schools

Since the age of six months the baby has to do a routine called school.

Five babies less than two years old, in blue and white uniforms, were studying that morning. In the classrooms measuring around 4x8 meters in colorful colors, they were taught to recognize various types of flowers.

Adorable babies who can't speak are watching the teacher's movements carrying flowers. "Look, yes, this is called a flower," said Julian Reny, a teacher at Baby Smile School, Surabaya. He then called the names of the flowers. Another teacher who accompanied him mimicked Julian's words in a humorous voice. The students seemed to listen to the words of the teachers.

Orlando, one of the students, looked staring with an expression of surprise at the flowers. "Come here, Orlando," Julian called. Babies around 1.5 years old went straight to Julian.

"It's aunty give a gift," Julian said, handing tulips to Orlando. The teacher and the caregivers in the room immediately clapped their hands. "Thank you aunty," the caregivers and teachers said almost simultaneously. Orlando looked smiling happily when he received the flower.

Not only the name of the flower taught by the teachers called the aunty. However, the colors and shapes of flowers are also introduced to students. Next, students are invited to make flowers from paper in a simple way

That is a glimpse of baby school activities. This school is not arbitrary, because they also have a curriculum. In fact, some have adopted it from the United States. Like at Gymboree Baby School, Surabaya, which prioritizes motor and music learning. Study time is 45–60 minutes, 2-3 times per week.

Maternal dysfunction

What the baby's schools teach, is actually very simple. Only introduce names of objects, colors, numbers and how to talk to babies. How sad! Giving simple stimuli like that, can no longer be done by mothers today.MErekapun chose to give her baby to school.

Are these mothers in such a crisis of confidence to educate and care for their own children? Very ironic with the establishment of social status and education of today's women. More and more highly educated women, but increasingly lose their ability to educate their own babies.

The more economically independent women, the more time they lose to introduce the world to their own hearts. He prefers to pay other parties for basic stimulation to the baby which incidentally is very easy.

It is clear that the loss of mother's function is in the hands of the secular capitalist system adopted by this country. Mother's function has been capitalized for profit. How not, to just stimulate the sensory and motor nerves of these babies, parents are charged a tariff of Rp 200-400 thousand a month. It's not yet the registration fee starting from Rp. 2-5 million.

Baby schools or baby care have taken over the duties of mothers so that they are increasingly ignorant of their duties. They are increasingly comfortable leaving their children for other activities in the public sphere. In fact, they proudly show off their babies who look smarter and more adorable after being schooled. Instead of being embarrassed, because the intelligence of the baby is not the result of the touch of his hand.

Mother's School

To give birth to intelligent babies, stimulation is needed early. Stimulation can only be done effectively by the caregivers closest to the baby. Ideally, of course his mother. Therefore, what is really needed is a smart mother. Mothers who are able to carry out their functions to nurture and educate children to the fullest.

Imagine how troublesome it would be if all the mothers in this country rushed to send their children to school because they were worried that their children would be left behind in their intelligence. How crowded the baby schools are and how much their profits are.

How busy are the mothers who have children, because since their babies are six months old, they have to take them to school. How big is the economic cost of this phenomenon, even though in fact the effort to educate babies can be done for free.

If you want, what is needed is a school of mothers or prospective mothers, not their babies who are schooled. Even this (prospective) school must not be held specifically in an institution. Because, this might also be a place to seek profit, considering that in the current world of capitalism, what can't be used as money? Now, parenting seminars are suddenly selling well even though the costs are exorbitant. A proof of parents' thirst for household sciences and children's education.

In fact, debriefing as a prospective mother, can be embedded in the existing education curriculum. Such as skills lessons, family nutrition, parenting, etc. Of course it must be based on Islamic aqeedah, where students - especially women - are given an understanding of their main tasks and functions later when they are married.

Unlike now, many women are highly educated, even attain doctorates or professors, but are not skilled in household sciences. If you want to be smart, these women are forced to be self-taught from sources here and there who are not necessarily qualified. Trial by error, learning by doing. Women have never been specially prepared to be formidable housewives.

In fact, here is the field of reward for women. Among the ranks of the rewards provided for women who perform their functions at home are as follows: Rasulullah SAW once said: "The woman who lives with her children will live with me (Rasulullah SAW, red) in heaven."

Another word: "Whoever has three daughters or three sisters or two daughters or two sisters, then he is kind to them in association with them and educate them with piety and responsibility, so for him is heaven."

From A'ishah ra "Whosoever is tested with something of his daughters, then he will do good to them, then they will be barrier to him from the fire of hell."

Another narrative states that when the mother overnight does not sleep and cares for her sick child, Allah SWT gives her the reward of liberating 70 slaves with sincerity to defend the religion of Allah SWT.

How gracious is Allah Almighty to the mothers, without bothering to leave his house, the reward mounds await there. You want too, right?

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