Sunday, June 3, 2012

People's School in West Java Island

"Tribal Power - Capital Standing above education based on capital. People's power can only be obtained by popular education." this is the sentence that becomes spirit People's School established by Tan Malaka.

But this time we will not talk about the Tan Malaka community school, but a group of children who are cool studying in the small alleys of Serang city.
Experience in the city of Serang inspires that education must create educated and educating students so that knowledge will never stop flowing from one person to another.

Kiki, a 6th grade student, was absorbed in giving lessons to her neighbors who were much smaller than her. This does look simple, the higher class teaches children with lower classes. Enthusiasm for learning was reflected in every child who received a tutorial from Kiki, and even more amazingly, this activity was always done during school holidays. This tutorial activity is like an exciting game to do. There were no bored faces on the children, only happy faces enjoyed every lesson they discussed. Of course this activity will develop leadership attitudes towards Indonesian children.

I imagine the nation's children in Jakarta's luxury schools. They are getting bored and lazy for school. There seems to be something wrong with our education. The higher their class level, the more saturated they are to study. This really contrasts with the enthusiasm for learning children in the little alley.

The tutorial by Kiki and his friends reminded me of a thin sheet of Indonesian education. Sselembaran explained Tan Malaka's People's School. In public schools there are two levels of education, onderbouw (low school) middenbouw (middle school). At Middenbouw several regulations were enacted which required students to teach at Onderbouw.

That's why we ourselves must also plant teachers for SI schools (middle school). We have started this work, so don't just stay in mind. Every afternoon (in the meantime only 3 x one week) at the SI office, a course will be taught to teach SI students in grades V, VI and VII (students from 15 years and above) to become teachers.

The students usually happen to be output by grade II schools, so they have received instruction in various intelligence. In this cleverness and in Dutch they every morning from 8–1 get lessons. Because he was released by class II, he usually quickly counted, wrote and so on. If he is already, then he is immediately told to help teach in the SI school low class, which is for children who have just entered school. So the students who are large each day may learn to educate, not just in theory, even in practice.

What Kiki and friends do is more or less the same as what Tan Malaka did with his people's school. The knowledge they get at school immediately they use to teach it to others. This learning pattern is very effective, so learning activities are not just to remember a lesson, but directly practice that knowledge in the field.

Great people do small things, and that shows their greatness. Big people always beat their desires when they are just a spark. The Great Man does not pursue name greatness, position, title, and wealth. Big People always give something out of their limitations.

By: Muhamad Ihsan, Bekasi


Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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