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The more you love learning, the more stupid you feel

The more you love learning, the more stupid you feel

All praise be to Allah SWT who has given abundant blessings to all His creatures. Prayer and greetings let us always convey to the Prophet Muhammad, His beloved. Do not forget to pray for you my brother, may Allah SWT establish faith in your heart, sharpen your mind, classify you into the group of righteous people.

There's no good word apart from the heart. There is no effective word apart from the heart. No words touch hearts except from the heart. A quote from a great scholar in 118 AH. His degree is very much, among them: Al-Hafizh, Sheikh Al-Islam, Fakhr Al-Mujahidin, leader of zuhud experts, and many other titles. He spent his ages on safari for hajj, jihad, and trade. Therefore, he is known as "As-Saffar" (a diligent traveler).

He is a true learner. He often travels and adventures in search of hadith, so he has a very many teachers. Among his teachers were Sulaiman At-Taimi, Ashim Al-Ahwal, Humaid Ath-Thawil, Rabi` bin Anas, Hisham bin `Urwah, Al-Jariri, Ismail bin Abi Khalid, Khalid Al-Hadza`, Barid bin Abdillah, and still many other scholars. In fact, he also wrote the hadiths of a younger person or a lower level of knowledge than he was. He is `Abdullah bin al-Mubarak, may Allah bless him. He once said that:

"Learning the science has 3 levels:
1) Whoever reaches the first level, he will be a proud person.
2) Whoever reaches the second level, he will be the one who tawadhu`.
3) Whoever reaches the third level, he will feel that he does not know anything. "

In this case it can be explained that human claimants of knowledge have several criteria. The first is those who are said to know everything, he feels arrogant about the knowledge he has. Not willing to accept the advice of others because he feels higher. In fact, he also considered the opinion of the person who gave him advice, he blamed. Always willing to win alone, do not want to budge even though the opinions of others are true and their opinions are wrong.

Sometimes he said he was experienced because of his longer age but his attitude was still childish. Sometimes he is highly educated, but he does not understand the knowledge he has. He even bragged, arrogant in front of the crowd. Feel he is the most intelligent and wants to be recognized by his intelligence. Only lust is prioritized so that emotions cannot be controlled so the words contain abominations.

But it is next to a level that makes everyone love him because of his noble personality even though he has a lot of knowledge stored in his chest, he still humbly does not rise. The more he is humble, the higher the degree of glory he gets. Indeed, because of its many knowledge it is able to make it understand the reality of itself. He is not easy to humiliate others.

Always polite and friendly, wise in deciding a matter. He with all these things make him more loved man and insha Allah, Allah SWT loves him.

Whereas the latter is the most special. He who always felt he still knew nothing even though his knowledge had fulfilled every space in his chest. Because he knew the nature of science perfectly, it became clearer before his eyes and heart.

The more doors and windows of science are opened, the more doors and windows of knowledge have been opened. Instead, he is not only a tawadhu ', even more noble than that. He always feels that he knows nothing, they can be helpless in it because of the vastness of knowledge that is too broad.
Think about and reflect on the meaning of Ibn al-Mubarak's words above. May we be able to look forward to it. Wallohu a'lam.

By: Asep Solikhin, Indramayu

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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