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Football and Propaganda for the Destruction of Islamic Values

Competition 2012 European Cup has been held on Friday (08/06/2012) and is planned to end on Sunday (07/01/2012). A total of 16 national teams competed to become the center of European football this year. Television stations from all over the world - including Indonesia - are busy airing prestigious 'Caucasian' prestigious competitions in live broadcasts, delayed broadcasts, or just reporting for sports news.

Not a few of the people of the world - including Muslims - are enthusiastic about watching their players or teams compete, either by watching live at the stadium or watching it on television.

Football is essentially one form of success of Zionist propaganda in destroying the values ​​that apply among Muslims. Why is that?

In a result of the Zionist conference in the early 20th century it was stated that one of the ways they controlled the world — especially the Islamic world — was to lull people into football. When football was heavily broadcast and reported in the mass media, Zionist propaganda was increasingly efficacious in anesthetizing Muslims. Because mass media, especially television, have the ability to 'enchant' viewers.

Communication expert at Padjajaran University, Deddy Mulyana (1999) states that television broadcasts have been considered as the most important thing in human life and therefore greatly dominate their lives, while setting aside other activities.

The awesomeness of the mass media, especially television, has been predicted in advance by a Jewish monk supporting Zionism, Rashoron. In his lecture in 1869, Rashoron said, "If gold is our first power to dominate the world, then the world of journalism — mass media — is our second power." (Arrifa'i, 1992)

Thus, the 'affair' between the world of football and the world of mass media designed by the Zionists has given rise to the adverse effects of the destruction of Islamic values, as follows:

damage the value of obedience
In general, football matches are scheduled from the afternoon to the first third of the night. So that the viewers at the stadium and viewers of live broadcasts on television in one country tend to leave 3 prayer times fardhu Ashr, Maghrib, and Isya '.

Though leaving the fardhu prayer deliberately (without reason syar'i) is a great sin for Muslims. Prophet Muhammad once reminded his people, "The agreement between us (Muslims) and those (infidels) are prayers. Whoever abandons it then he has disbelieved. " (HR Ahmad, Tirmidzi, An Nasa'i, Ibn Majah)

Even if there are also those who perform the prayer, it is almost certain that the implementation is too late from the scheduled prayer time. People who are late for prayer for reasons not syar'i - such as for reasons of watching the ball - are threatened by Allah SWT in His word, "Then the accident is for those who pray, (ie) those who neglect their prayers." (QS Al Maa: 4 - 5)

Likewise when watching live broadcasts of football matches from Europe, many Muslims in the southern, eastern and southeast Asian regions, including Indonesia, neglect the Lail prayer (a highly recommended sunnah worship) and Fajr prayer. Even though the Fajr prayer carried out in congregation in mosques is a symbol of the strength of Muslims who are very feared by the Zionists.

This was recorded in the statement of Golda Meir while serving as Israel's prime minister, "We are just afraid of Muslims if they have performed the Dawn prayer like performing Friday prayers." (As Syrian, 2007)

Thus, football has become the Zionist as a means of destroying the value of obedience of Muslims.

potentially damaging the value of faith
Whether we realize it or not, the value of the faith of Muslims can be easily damaged by Zionists through the world of football. The 2004 European Cup has made the Greek national team a new football power obtained by utilizing the 'services' of shamans. Strangely, there is rarely the voice of Muslims in various countries, including Indonesia which has a critical voice (for example in opinion writing in the mass media) about the dirty ways Greece uses magic in football.

This 2012 European Cup, millions of people in the world - not least some Muslims - feel amazed at the 2 animals that are said to be able to predict which team will win. The animals are a pig from Ukraine named Khryak, and an elephant named Citta from Poland. This phenomenon is similar to the 2010 World Cup celebration, when an octopus from Germany named Paul was made an impromptu 'shaman' to predict which national team would win to compete in South African stadiums.

Surprisingly, in this sophisticated era there are still many primitive human thoughts, namely believing predictions. Worse, these people believe in 'predictions' of animals, even though our common sense believes that these animals in essence do not know if they are made 'shamans' by ball maniacs.

For Muslims, believing in the prediction of sorcerers or anything that is used as 'dukun' is a great sin that causes a person to be considered apostate. This has been confirmed by the Prophet, "Whoever comes to the sorcerer or shamans then confirms his words, then he has disbelieved with the Qur'an which has been revealed to Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam."(HR Al Hakam)

It is really worrying if many Muslims in various parts of the world without them knowing they have become kufr just because they believe in the predictions of the winning football. And more sadly what they believe as fortune tellers are animals named Paul (octopus), Citta (elephant), and even Khryak (pig).

damage exemplary values
The outbreak of madness towards football exhaled by the Zionists has damaged the value of exemplary behavior among Muslims. Why not, football players from national and world levels have been idolized by many Muslims.

Many Muslim men gave the name 'Zinedine Zidane' to their newborn boys, so that the child could later become a star of Muslim football like the French national team player. We admit Zidane is Muslim. But we must remember that Zidane is still a star of the stadium that is not much different from his majority-infidel colleagues, has a boyfriend and once brought his lover to the cities where he grazed. Dating is only forbidden, especially if you have to pray and safari with women who are not mahram.

Muslim girls are not the least adoring, even imagining famous footballers like David Beckam. Even though he was an infidel, the former England national team player was not worthy of the Muslim woman's dream because she loved to commit adultery. Beckam's sexual deviation was also experienced by many other famous soccer players such as Carlos Tevez, Wayne Rooney, Franck Ribery, and Ashley Cole.

Not a few Islamic children experience an exemplary crisis. Many future generations of Muslims who have memorized from head to head the names of the round skin stars, such as John Terry, Ryan Giggs, and Peter Crouch, who in fact are also promiscuity. Many children like to read the profiles of infidel players in newspapers, tabloids, magazines or internet sites.

Tragically, there is a tendency for most children not to read the history books of the prophets / apostles, companions of the prophet, tabi'in, tabi 'tabi'in, great scholars, and prominent Muslim scientists. So it is not surprising that many children from Muslim families are not too familiar with the life history of national Islamic heroes such as Tuanku Imam Bonjol, Tuanku Tambussei, and Prince Diponegoro. Of course they also feel strange if offered the names of Thariq bin Ziyad, Muhammad Al Fatih, Saladin Al Ayyubi, Qutuz, Aruj, Omar Mochtar, Ibnul Khattab, and other foreign Islamic heroes.

So it is not surprising that many Muslim children are far from Islamic values ​​because they make football players their role models. Even though the main character who should be exemplary is His apostles, such as Prophet Ibrahim AS and Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Allah SWT says about the exemplary of the Prophet Ibrahim, "Verily Ibrahim is a priest who can be an example of obedience to Allah and His will [843] and he is not of those who associate (with Him)." (QS An Nahl: 120)

Regarding the example of Prophet Muhammad SAW, Allah SWT asserted, "Verily in the Messenger of Allah there is a good example for you who seeks the Mercy of Allah and the Hour of Judgment, and he calls many to Allah." (QS. Al Ahzab: 21)

damage the value of honor
Without realizing it, the values ​​of honor in the family of the Muslims were able to be destroyed through football. Many Muslim men with no feeling uncomfortable invite his wife to watch live football matches in the stadium, or watch the struggle for the round skin through television shows.

Muslim men no longer feel jealous when their wives are enthusiastic and attentive to see footballers competing in costumes that show their thighs and arms. Many Muslim men do not feel disturbed by their honor when their wives admire and even adore some famous soccer players.

Muslims should realize that Muslim women are ordinary people whose desires can arise to other men who are not their husbands, when they often witness and even adore the greatness of football players. It is fitting for Muslims to feel that their honor is truly torn apart when their wives idolize and even remember the ball stars.

Jealousy must be owned by faithful Muslim men, so that their wives are protected from seeing, adoring, even remembering other men. If in a Muslim man himself no longer has this feeling, then it is fitting to pay attention to the message of the Prophet Muhammad, "There are three groups that God will not see on the Day of Resurrection, those who are rebellious to his parents, women who resemble men, and ad-dayyuts (men who do not have jealous feelings). " (Narrated by An Nasa'i)

damage the value of blessing
It is undeniable, some of the people of this planet are still gambling mentality. So that everything, including football, can be used as a means of gambling. In every soccer match, there must be in the stadium and television viewers who bet about which team will win. These bets vary greatly, ranging from money worth thousands to millions of rupiah, depending on the economic level of the 'installers' of betting money.

In addition to bets that are 'amateurs' between viewers or viewers, the fate of using football matches is also 'professionally' done by bookies through means of communication such as telephone, SMS, e-mail, and a number of internet features. Television stations also often join in to become bookies under the guise of quizzes for viewers when broadcasting football.

Though Allah SWT has clearly prohibited gambling, as He says, "O ye who believe! Lo! Drink wine, gamble, sacrifice, cast a fate with arrows, belong to the deeds of the devils, and avoid those deeds so that you may prosper." (QS. Al Maa'idah: 90)

Thus, because gambling is an illegal act, the culprit is sinful and the stakes are not lawful. If money or property is not lawful, then it is also not a blessing automatically. So it is not surprising that gambling money is said to be 'hot money', considering that someone who loses gambling will not stop issuing his bets before he wins. Likewise, when someone wins a gamble, he will more and more put up his betting money in the hope that more profits will be made.

Worse, there are some assumptions that Muslims underestimate the prohibition of gambling by reason of mere entertainment or just for fun. Didn't Allah SWT threaten people like this with His word, "Those who make their religion a play and joke, and the life of the world has deceived them. So on this Day We forget them as they have forgotten their meeting today, they always deny Our verses. " (QS. Al A'raaf: 51)

Even more tragic if gambling is legalized by the government on the grounds that it is beneficial for the state in funding the development of the world of sports, including football. In Indonesia, the Ministry of Social Affairs — now the Ministry of Social Affairs — at the end of the twentieth century had allowed the circulation of gambling coupons under the guise of donations. His name also often changes such as the Indonesian National Sports Coupon (KONI), Porkas Sepakbola, TSSB (Prize Signs for Social Donations), KSOB (Prize Award Sports Coupons), and SDSB (Donations of Prize-Generated Social Benefactors).

Perhaps because it was funded with gambling money under the guise of donations, since then the blessings of the world of sports, including Indonesian football seemed to have been lifted so that our national team subscribed to compete, easily defeated by other national teams that were unseeded, and easily conflict - both internal management and conflict between supporters.

So it is wise for Muslims to remember the advice of Allah SWT, "They ask you about khamar and gambling. Say: "In both of them there is a great sin and some benefit for man, but the sin of both is greater than its benefit". " (QS. Al Baqarah: 219)

damage the value of care
The Zionists have succeeded in making football a means to undermine the value of caring among fellow Muslims. In this 2012 European Cup, millions of Muslims from various countries enthusiastically watched and followed the development of the most prestigious soccer event from the Caucasian continent. Every day their minds are fixed on the European national team, every day they wonder where the winners and losers are.

They did not realize that at the same time, currently civilians in the western region of Myanmar were also slaughtered by Buddhists.

This phenomenon repeated a similar event that occurred in 1982 ago. At that time the Israeli army easily slaughtered Palestinian Muslims who fled in Shabra and Shatilla, when some of the minds of Muslims were focused on the world cup and national leagues in the Middle East region. Nurhidayat (2008) said that not a few Muslims - some of them underage children - were torn apart by honor before being slaughtered by Israeli soldiers.

Ar Rifa'i (1992) revealed that when after the soccer match in 1982, an Arab country minister commented, "A very beautiful match.

This victory is thanks to the excellence of our players. "In fact, at the same time, Shamir stressed that his forces had been able to pass Lebanon and eliminate Palestinian Muslims thanks to their superiority (military strategy). When officers and generals from the Arab countries were preparing, we found the enemy was sending his battalion to the battle fronts.

This phenomenon continues to neglect Muslims from paying attention to their seaqidah brothers from other parts of the world. When millions of Muslims were busy paying attention to the 1994 World Cup, Muslims in Bosnia Herzegovina were still experiencing colonialism and massacres carried out by the Serbs. Likewise at the 1998 World Cup in France, the Israeli army heavily attacked and massacred Muslims in several Palestinian territories. Muslims in Afghanistan are experiencing the tyranny of the US invaders when their brothers and sisters throughout the world were put down by the 2002 World Cup in Japan-South Korea.

During the 2006 World Cup, Israeli soldiers were preparing to carry out a massive massacre in the Lebanese Islamic regions. The combined US-British-Australian invaders still easily kill civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. When Muslims are fascinated by the actions of footballers in the 2010 World Cup that took place in Nelson Mandela's country, Muslims in various parts of the planet are still colonized, divinized, and slaughtered by enemies of Islam led by Zionists.

In addition to world-class and continental football competitions, we are lulled by other country-level competitions such as the Italian league, the English league and the Indonesian league.
We should not forget about the destiny of our Muslim brothers and sisters in many countries, especially if the 'forgetting' is due to the greatness of our attention to football. We should pay attention to the words of Prophet Muhammad, "The Muslim is a brother to other Muslims, he does not menzhalimi and does not abandon it."(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Muh. Nurhidayat - The author is a lecturer and Chair of the FISIP Communication Studies Program at Ichsan Gorontalo University

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