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Football vs "Football (lunge) Da'wah"

Some people, football is the main entertainment that is irreplaceable with other entertainment. But for some people, football has been accused of being the culprit of destruction of worship. Understandably, generally football matches are played in the middle of the night, where someone should be alone and cry before Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. Meanwhile, ball fans, laughing and shouting (if necessary ahead of dawn) until it is estimated that many of them did not have time to pray at dawn.

Apart from the polemic phenomenon, actually between football and da'wah there are similarities.

Emotional Struggle

In soccer matches, there are conditions with emotional struggles, skills and strategies. These three things play a very important role for a team in carrying out battles on the green field.

The emotions of the players - including coaches and officials - experience ups and downs when the match takes place. A captain will be outraged when the referee does not reward his team when the opposing player is clearly caught in the forbidden box. However, as soon as his colleague managed to break into the enemy's goal, the captain changed his heart with an immeasurable surge of joy. Especially if the goal is a decisive moment of victory. What would happen if when angry before, the captain then hit the referee? Maybe, his team did not win, but instead lost. Emotion, in football really must be controlled.

Well in the soccer world in the world of da'wah. A da'i must be clever in controlling his emotions when carrying out the mandate as missionary (as murabbi) in the middle of the community. One day he will be confronted with a tiring emotional situation. One real example is the incident that happened to Ustad Abdullah Gymnastiar or familiarly called Aa Gym. How when he was initially worshiped, praised and hunted by mothers (only to want to take pictures) but was suddenly reviled, criticized and even protested when he chose to remarry.

Not only the people who protested, even the mass media that had raised their names, contributed to criticizing. As a result of this disaster, it is said, the number of worshipers of the Aa Gym recitation in Daarut Tauhid Islamic Boarding School in Bandung has drastically reduced.

Should this incident be repaid by Aa Gym with a grumpy attitude towards the media that once exaggerated her? But apparently not! Herein lies the emotion of a da'i controlled in the face of every problem.

However Aa Gym's choice of marriage must have been thought of. If the decision is indeed intended because of Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala, God willing, Allah will be with him. It's just that the problem doesn't end there. He must need to control emotions and patiently manage all this, Hatta, if because of the media hatred he no longer has worshipers. Because he is righteous, he must stand on solid monotheism. Even though the congregation has to lose one, he can still manage his emotions and his belief in God does not change.

Skills and skills

In football, role skill (skill) is also very important. Skill individual players really help a team to score goals. Often the deadlock of a football team's attack can be solved by the player's individual actions. In the 2012 European Champions League Final, Chelsea FC managed to throw Bayern Munich through brilliant action Didier Drogba who equalized to 1-1 through his deadly header at the end of the match, then won the Blues through his last goal on penalties.

A preacher, must be skilled in delivering lectures. It can't be denied anymore. It is common knowledge that there is a group of people who carry out Islamic missionary mission with a less friendly attitude. Slightly forgive other people of different styles. The result, let alone be accepted, is that some people run away from the invitation to preach whose content is actually very good and useful.

In the struggle to win the competition for religious civilization (Islam, red), Muslims are also required to implement a capable strategy. The enemies of Islam today have far had great tactics in carrying out their mission. The preachers, it is fitting to play a new strategy in preaching. Messi's expertise in herding and shooting the ball into the opponent's goal turned out to be unable to deliver his country to win the 2011 Copa America. According to experts, it was because the strategy (game) and Argentina teamwork did not fully support the effectiveness of a Messi.

As astute as a lecturer ustadz, certainly not enough if he is not organized in a congregation. Sahabat Ali r.a said, "Organized crime will defeat the unorganized good."

When the enemy aggressively attacks Muslims with various attacks, at the same time the Shari'ah fighters must be skilled at playing the strategy. What tactics will be used when the enemy attacks with weapons? How to block the onslaught of Western culture? It needs a mature strategy.

Rasulullah Shallahu 'alaihi Wassalam, in the early days of his mission he did not necessarily lift the sword to welcome the war. He plays the "witch" strategy: from foot to foot, from head to head, from relatives to relatives, from house to house, from mountain to mountain, and so on. Slowly but surely. When the war command was fired, then the sword swung. When da'wah is in a safe position, the war returns. It's a mature strategy. As a result, Islam is scattered all over the Arabian Peninsula and the world to this day.

And of course, football has a very different difference with "Sepak (lunge) da'wah". Football is more about the pleasure of pleasure, while "Sepak (lunge) da'wah" is the work of the encouragement of faith and the call of God.
Supporters as supporters of the football team, - want the results of a team victory (world victory). While the congregation of the da'wah (ummah) as part of the results of "football (lunge) da'wah", demands results far greater than world affairs, namely the establishment of Islamic civilization itself.

As a result,
"football" and "football (lunge) da'wah" are clearly two different things. Therefore, in the midst of the tumult of stutter, we are busy participating in the Euro 2012 event, remember one thing, "Please be busy watching the ball, don't be complacent - especially - worship and preach."

Muh. Abdus Syakur - The author is a football connoisseur

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