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Who Is Actually Powerful In America?

IN THE BOOK, "The Promise, "which tells the first year that Barack Obama has a White House office, Jonathan Alter described a brief conversation between the president and his deputy, Joe Biden, which took place November two years ago.

Biden asked whether the new policy regarding the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in 2011 (but apparently never happened!), Was the direct president's order which the military should not deny. Obama replied "yes."

The two men were then in the Oval Office with several Pentagon officials who would carry out Obama's orders. Among them was General David Petraeus, who later became a war commander in Afghanistan and Iraq. According to Alter, Obama said to Petraeus: "David, say now. I want you to be honest with me. Can you do it in eighteen months?"

Petraeus replied: "Sir, I'm sure we can train and handle ANA (Afghan National Army) in that period. "

Obama continued: "If you cannot do the things you say in eighteen months, then no one will suggest that we stay there, right?"
"Already, Sir, "kata Petraeus.
Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was also present at the meeting, and he added exactly to Petraeus.

But a few days later, at a meeting with one media, General Petraeus sang a different song. A big title mejeng di The Times on Monday: "The General opposes the acceleration of withdrawals in Afghanistan."

After taking command of US forces in Afghanistan after the dismissal of General Stanley McChrystal, who was considered a failure and even chanting in the media, Petraeus said he did not accept the job only to get rid of American troops from Afghanistan. The aim of Petraeus at that time seemed to be turning to mobilizing public opinion as opposed to Obama's big command.

So who is in power here actually?

The truth is that no one knows how, or when Obama really sets the deadline for withdrawal. Until 2012, America was still in Afghanistan. And maybe until 2024 - who knows? Remember, Obama is always ambiguous by saying withdrawals will depend on conditions in the field.

While anyone knows, the conditions on the Afghan field are currently very bad, so that everyone in America finally always concludes that America does have to stay longer in Afghanistan.

This is something terrible to contemplate because besides the number of human casualties (nearly half of the deaths of American troops in Afghanistan have occurred since Obama became president), war is the biggest obstacle for the American people in alleviating continued economic and social difficulties in Uncle Sam's country that.

Look at the face of America today; the economy, the public school system, the federal budget deficit, and fiscal conditions have disrupted the state and local government. The American people seem to pay little attention to all these problems and what is even more surprising is where they poured some money (this figure now reaches tens of billions of dollars per year) into a sinkhole, corrupt, dangerous and unforgiving in Afghanistan. Don't be surprised if now taxes are so high in America and make their people scream.

The reason why Americans have heard so little about Lyndon Johnson at the moment is that even though his achievements are so remarkable when he leads is that Vietnam makes its reputation very low and may be despicable. Johnson, who was adamant about the war, slipped in Vietnam, and it was Vietnam who had tragically divided the Democratic Party and opened the door to antiwar candidates Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy. The main beneficiaries, of course, are Richard Nixon and the Republicans.

Obama did not seem to see a comparison of Afghanistan to Vietnam, and he had a point when he said that the US was not attacked from Vietnam. But September 11, 2001, almost a decade ago, and the war in Afghanistan has become a mass despair and carelessness by Bush. And that doesn't seem to be enough escalation for Obama.

America must be aware that America will never be able to build a stable Afghanistan. What America needs now is a nation-building campaign to fight injustice and damage in the United States itself.

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